One Special Anniversary

Written by Valérie Pichet Text

Last month, I celebrated a very important date for me—my one-year anniversary living in my home sweet home! It felt like an eternity since I had stayed in the same place for more than six months at the time. I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself, for I am a very unstable and impulsive person. To have taken the step of living under the same roof for the whole year is quite something, indeed.


25 years-old and homeowner demands good thinking. I would not recommend it to just anyone. I sure would have liked to live through this experience with somebody by my side, but sadly—or fortunately?—it has not been the case. So I took the time to establish my home, to take root and to figure out what really made me happy.

As I started down that path, I was sort of terrified to the idea of becoming a homeowner—alone. Yet today, I can guaranty that I do not regret anything, not even a second. Up to now, it really was a life-changing decision.

Throughout the year, I went through different stages, and here they are:

Phase 1: The “new house” thrill.

Phase 2: The calm after the moving storm.

Phase 3: Meltdown and questionings.

Phase 4: Stabilization.

How would I have loved to have someone by my side helping me fix the beam in the attic, to reassure me when a stranger came to take a piss at the end of my backyard as a regional festival went on—and yes, it did happen—or even to just look at me while I cooked. And then I recently realized that none of this was my priority, in the last year, nor was it to let someone into my world.


As for now, I feel I am ready to live new experiences, to begin a new chapter in this house.

Still, before embarking in this whole other terrorizing commitment adventure, I made myself a promise, one to respect myself before anything else. I am who I am with all of my flaws and life experiences. To whom will want to enter my home will have to accept it wholly if I am to open the door gently.

I realize now why I love this place so much and why I feel at ease here. My house is just like me. It has its own story, its own scars in the foundation (just a little), yet it is beautiful and warm. My house has seen bad times, but it got through it all. It has a past, and it is an ongoing construction site. My house needs love and investment, just like myself.

This evening, I decided to trust in what life will bring me, and I hope you can do the same. I wish you will find what makes you happy, be it a place, an activity or a person!

Take good care of yourself! xx

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