My mattress in a box: hit or miss? My opinion on my Endy mattress

We often underestimate the benefits of a good new mattress. And I find that when we evaluate all the household expenses, it’s, unfortunately, the thing that often comes last. Often because we tell ourselves, “Bah, mine is still good!”

But girls, it’s not just a matter of thinking whether it’s still good or not, it’s a matter of comfort. I ask you this question seriously: how are you sleeping these days?

That needs to be taken into consideration too!


Honestly, when my Endy mattress entered our lives, my sleep completely changed. All of a sudden, we were really comfortable at night.

Let’s say that changing our old queen-size for a king-size mattress also made a big difference.

But I would say that’s what surprised me most about a mattress “that comes in a box” is that it isn’t too soft like I had thought it would be. (Because seriously, how can they fit a mattress in a box? Haha! I thought it would have to be really soft for it to fit in a box, but actually, the Endy mattress has a nice firmness to it.)

Let me explain to you how they work! Endy mattresses are made of 3 different layers of foam. These all have a specific mission in order to help you sleep comfortably. For example, the first layer of foam is designed to allow better airflow so that your mattress maintains an optimal temperature when you sleep.


Another thing that has really surprised me was that I don’t feel my husband moving at night anymore. WHAT?

Yeah, I am sure you know what mean, eh? As you probably know, if you have the same specimen as I do at home ?, the wild husband of America can move around quite a lot at night. But I don’t feel him moving anymore. #yay!

And that is an important aspect, especially since this had never happened to me with any of my previous spring mattresses. Why?

Well, because there is a layer of foam designed only for that, in order to avoid all the rebounds and shakes. So, you won’t feel your boyfriend move around all night anymore! A real luxurious comfort!


I have to admit that, like many people, I was very skeptical about using a mattress that can fit in a box. But I must say that I was more than surprised with the results. I didn’t need any adaptation time. As soon as my Endy mattress arrived, I was already feeling more comfortable on it than I ever did on my old mattress.

I still sleep for a very long time, even if I’m 35-week pregnant, I can sleep for up to 9 hours per night. I am definitely trying to get the most out of every night of sleep left until I welcome this baby into the world. By the way, Baby, we really hope you will be just like your mom sleep-wise! Haha!

My Endy mattress has greatly exceeded my expectations. I recommend it to every person who wishes to sleep well.

And you know what? Endy has a program that allows you to try your mattress for 100 nights, and if you don’t like it, they will take it back.

In my opinion, there is nothing better than sleeping peacefully on a mattress designed and manufactured in Canada.

Wishing you all a good night’s sleep!

** The mattress was gifted to us by Endy. However, all opinions are ours and are 100% authentic as a way to inspire each and every one in our day-to-day lives. The Sparks and Bloom sisters swear by this!

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Judith Marcoux
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