My go-to outfit for tough mornings!

Usually, an easy everyday outfit is made of your favorite pair of jeans. But, as I am a special someone… I don’t think so! It could be because finding an affordable pair of jeans when measuring 5’9” is almost impossible. Sometimes, I just can’t imagine how hard it is for even taller ladies… but that’s another subject! For me, my everyday go-to outfit for difficult mornings or Monday morning are my little black dresses.

I know, there are probably 1,000 posts on the subject out there, but this one is light and funny! So, keep reading lady, don’t give up just yet!

I rarely wear a lot of accessories, so this post is not about how to wear your little black dress 5 different ways, with or without a jacket, a necklace or earrings. No! I actually, sometimes find it embarrassing to wear a necklace. Why? I like to be subtle, I have a fine attention to detail and sometimes I find it’s too much! If you’re the kind of person that prefers to pair their dress of the day with a hair bun or lousy hair, then we will get along very well! 😀

Instead, the secret lies in the different cuts of the little black dress you own. Also, choosing quality over quantity makes all the difference. In addition, I recommend that you have a minimum of three different styles of black dresses. Yes! You do need more than one! Why? Because there are several Mondays in a month! As usual, those days are the toughest of the week!

So here are the different cuts or dresses I recommend having in your wardrobe to match your mood perfectly!


Ideal for really rough mornings. Whether you had a big weekend (where you had a poutine at 3 Am #Haha and you still feel bloated) or just because it’s your time of the month, the “A” line dress is your best friend! Paired with a hair Bun and a touch of dry shampoo (after that weekend, I am pretty sure you need it 😉 ) #lol!


Ideally, wear when feeling cutie pie. You know, the kind of morning where you’re super slow, but that you know you have a big meeting that day. Enhanced by your favorite perfume… you go girl!


Perfect for the morning following a good gym session (or wore with Spanx #lol, now you know all my secrets! 😉 . The kind of day where you’re feeling very confident, paired with freshly washed hair and a lot of deodorant #WhyNot !

Now, you know it all. If you see me wearing one of these little black dresses around, don’t ask why… you know why! 😉 . The key is to own several little black dresses with different cuts. This way, you’ll avoid having to wear your only black dress five different ways while carrying 10 pounds of jewelry around and 2 scarves! HA!

What’s your go-to outfit for tough mornings?

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