In search of a coffee machine? I’ve found just what you need!

I have been dreaming of having my own espresso machine for the past few months. We had started looking at what was available on the market to make sure the one we would buy would be a part of the family for many years to come.

My husband and I live by the rule that in life, it is better to buy less, and whatever items you actually buy should be good quality—things that we both know, after doing our homework, will last more than a year or two!

That’s how, while looking for my first espresso machine, I came across the Smeg brand. I knew the company from having seen their retro toasters and their colourful fridges—which I will definitely add to my “dream house items” list. I would also add to that list a wall-mounted espresso machine (like celebrities have), because Smeg offers really nice ones #hahaha.

Anyway, I finally received this beautiful Smeg espresso machine.


Smeg is a pillar of the household appliance industry. The company was founded just over 70 years ago in Italy and has since been designing quality household and other small appliances.


As things would have it, remember how Léa came to see me a few weeks ago? Well, I received my espresso machine at about the same time, just before her arrival. Let’s just say we put it to good use.

The first coffee came at 5 a.m., with the young ones just waking up, quite jet lag, then the second coffee came at 7 a.m., when auntie came into play (yes, I stayed in bed a while longer haha). The third coffee was at 10 a.m., to make sure the parents would make it through the day. We basically lived on lattes, on cappuccinos, and on Americanos… and sometimes on iced coffees with Baileys!

So yeah, we put it to the test! And the coffee from my Smeg espresso machine is delicious!


Absolutely not! I have no skills whatsoever in latte art, I have never worked in a coffee shop and have no barista training at all. Honestly, the machine is really easy to use. To simplify things even more, I started by using ground espresso coffee beans. In just a few seconds, you get your single or double espresso shot. If you’re more of a capsule-type person, the Smeg machine also offers a filter for that.

I love the compact size of the machine. It fits perfectly in my small kitchen. While doing my research, I noticed that very few companies had a comparable compact size, as well as a one-liter water tank. And I can’t deny that I find its retro 50s look really cute. That’s why I decided to name it Gladys!

Here’s a bit more info on Gladys! One of her best features is her stainless-steel filter holder, which makes a hotter espresso and also avoids altering the coffee like aluminum does (in lesser quality machines). She also has features that allow us to set the coffee temperature, the amount of coffee to be poured into the cup, the hardness of the water and also to program an automatic shutoff of the machine after long periods of non-use.


YES! Without a doubt! And for many reasons. First of all, it’s really easy to use. Once you turn it on, it only takes a few seconds to be ready to make your coffee. Second of all, the milk frother is extremely easy to clean (which the neat freak in me greatly appreciates :D).

On top of that, its size is perfect for small kitchens—or even big ones if you don’t want your counters to be cluttered with appliances! And its 50s look makes it a statement piece. In sum, the Smeg espresso machine is stylish, compact and makes delicious frothy espressos.

And did I tell you that it is available in many colours?! Pink, sky-blue, pastel green, cream, red or white like mine. You know, so that Gladys fits in your decor!

The Smeg espresso machine retails for $699 and is available in many specialized shops throughout Canada and the US, such as Hudson’s Bay, Williams Sonoma,, and more.

** The Smeg espresso machine was gifted to us by Smeg. However, all opinions are ours and are 100% authentic as a way to inspire each and every one in our day-to-day lives. The Sparks and Bloom sisters swear by this!

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