I tested Elle R Cosmetiques’s face mask – here is what I think!

Back in the days, I would rarely use a face mask to take care of my skin! Yes, I was one of those girls! (But no longer are! Haha! #FaceMaskAddict )

Were / are you like me?

The more I have been taking good care of my skin, the more I felt like using face masks as I could see how much my skin would benefit from it.

Lately, I got to try Elle R Cosmétiques’s face mask.

As part of our product testing panel at Sparks and Bloom, I received a dozen of face mask from the Quebec based company.

They offer a wide range of face masks for various skin types.

I got to try many, some of them were made with extracts derived from apple tree stem cells or tomato extract or even made from pumpkin seeds.

Each and every one of the face masks has a specific purpose, according to what your skin may need.


To begin, I was really happy with the wide choice of facial treatment I could pick from with Elle R Cosmétisques’s large range. The packaging is easy to use, and they made sure to include all the information you may need when using the mask, which helps you with choosing the right mask according to how your skin is feeling in the present moment.

I was happily surprised with my skin’s appearance after testing the face masks. When testing some of their face masks, I felt that my skin was firmer while being soft to touch, whilst with some other, my skin felt very refreshed ( in a good way)! Overall, I felt that my skin benefited from using Elle R Cosmétiques’s face mask.

There was enough liquid in each and every one of the face masks for my skin to be hydrated depending on how much it needed on that day.

Sacha and I also tested them together. Personally, Sacha found the material of which the mask is made of a little too thick compared to the one she usually uses. At some point, Sacha’s eye patches were sliding down her face, as if the eye patches were too heavy to hold into place. On my part, mine was fine!

You can purchase Elle R Cosmétiques’s face mask starting at $3.99 , but most of their mask retail at $7.99 .

To buy Elle R Cosmétiques’s face masks it’s here!

Have you ever tried Elle R Cosmétiques’s skin products?

* These products were gifted to us as part of our product testing panel. Although we were gifted those products, you can be reassured that we have given our honest opinions and have been 100% authentic while writing this review. This is our promise to you as a way to inspire one another in our day-to-day life. The Sparks and Bloom Sisters 🙂

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