When talking about weddings, I find there is so much pressure in relation to that day and Ipersonally didn’t want any of it. I didn’t want our day to be too big, to be too over the top. I didn’t want to be a control freak over everything or a Bridezilla as I knew if we had invested all of our savings into this day, that I would have probably been one! All we wanted was a simple day to celebrate our love while being surrounded by our loved one.

In this first post about our wedding, I was telling you about how our day went and now I wanted to share with you all the little details that made my bride OOTD. Here is where you can find out all about my unique made-to-measure wedding dress made with my little hands, my makeup, the flowers, etc!

Let’s do this!


I made my own wedding dress with a little over 38 meters of tulle and lace. It took me over 45 hours to make my wedding gown. I cut my dress a little bit shorter than usual because I wanted to have fun, I wanted to dance all night long without having to change my outfit. That’s also why I made my veil longer, so I would have a train when walking down the aisle.


I found my wedding band at Spence diamonds, where my husband bought my engagement ring. I wanted a wedding band that would be different from most and that would enhance my engagement ring. That’s where I found this unique wedding band, which fits perfectly with my engagement ring.



I found it on Amazon! I bought two head pieces that I joined together to create this one. You can find them here:

Leaf head piece.

Pearl head piece.


The moment I saw it at H&M, I thought it was so cute that I couldn’t leave without it. I shortened it a little bit so it would fit perfectly with my dress.


I made my own wedding bouquet with garden roses, white roses, burgundy roses, white ranunculus and I completed my bouquet with carnations in the same shade as well as branches of seeded eucalyptus. I would have loved to have white poppies as well as peonies, but as they weren’t in season it was impossible to find anywhere.


  • July 7, 2019, 11:45 am  Reply

    Hi there! I just noticed that you are from Vancouver. I’m from Vancouver as well.

    Your post is very inspirational. The dress you made is absolutely beautiful. The whole look is stunning! I am in the process of making part of my wedding dress as well. I’ll be DIY-ing my flowers too (and a few other things).

    It’s so fun to DIY, isn’t it? 🙂

    • Sparks and Bloom
      July 9, 2019, 11:06 am

      Hello Lisa, so happy to hear you’re planning your wedding as well! It’s a lot of fun to be DIY-ing everything! I wish you a wonderful wedding day!

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