How to – Create a cozy stairwell with picture frames

While browsing on #Pinterest, I saw a couple of pictures of stairwell decorated with nice picture frames. I always thought it was a nice way to create a cozy space. So, I decided to try it out to see if it would actually work in my own stairwell and I must admit that it was so worth it!

I must say I am quite satisfied with the results it does really make my stairwell feel homey.

But… But you still need to think it through and create a plan up in the air or on a piece of paper this will help you achieve your desired result. Here is the step I recommend going through to decorate your own stairwell with pictures. Always so much fun to look at, the many memories. 🙂


How much do you want to spend? I couldn’t believe how quickly I blew my budget. To save a couple bucks I went through old boxes to recycle some older frames – Quite impressive how many frames I found! I also bought a couple at the thrift store. I completed the wall by buying frames at different stores to create the look that I wanted.

Comment décorer ta cage d’escalier avec tes photos et la rendre plus chaleureuse


What style are you looking for? Do you want all your picture frames to be the same shape or color? Or do you want your wall to look a little bit funkier by playing with the shapes and colors of your picture frames? I am telling you it looks like an easy home staging task, but it’s a little bit more difficult than it looks! 😉


Now that you know what style you are looking for, you need to decide on the pictures that will fill those frames. Which means picking the right picture and having them printed in the desired size.

Comment décorer ta cage d’escalier avec tes photos et la rendre plus chaleureuse


When you have the pictures in hand, it’s time to put them in the frames. On a good Friday night, I gave a glass of wine to my honey and we got on the project. Assembling the pictures in the frames got us talking about all those memories, it was a good moment. 🙂 Anyways, it’s a fun thing to do!


It’s now time to make a plan of your wall picture frames, depending on the size, the space in between and the order you want them in. I personally placed the frames in the stairs, in the way I could picture the wall. Then I crossed my fingers, I trusted my guts and I went for it #SuchRisks !

Comment décorer ta cage d’escalier avec tes photos et la rendre plus chaleureuse

Admire the work!

Sincerely I didn’t think that adding pictures to my stairwell would make it look so much better. And It gets me smiling every time I go up and down the stairs. My son and I have created this new habit, each time I put him to sleep, we stop to look at a picture on our way up the stairs and I describe the moment to him.

I intend to make this wall grow and add always more memories to it. 🙂

Did you do something special with all your pictures?

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