How to ask your boss for a promotion

Written by Josiane Martin

Have you been bored at work lately? Do you feel like you need a new challenge? Do you feel stuck in your everyday work routine? If the answer is yes, well you need to have a discussion with your boss! To be honest, it’s not an easy discussion to have, but it’s essential for your professional development, for your career and even for your own self-esteem. I always say that if you don’t do it for yourself who will? Only you can get this promotion! If you feel ready to move onto the next stage of your career or to simply get talking about your future goal with your boss, here are 5 great advice you need to follow!


You need to prepare yourself for this big discussion. Inform yourself about the requirements for this next level you’re trying to achieve in your career. Take the time to think about your strength, the weakness on which you’re planning on working, your 5-year goal, etc. It’s also the perfect time to talk about all the good you brought to your company, the great projects you led. Anything you can think of to help you get this promotion needs to be discussed during this future meeting!


It’s useless to compare your work to the work of others. Avoid being stuck in the constant circle of “I’m better than this person because of this and this”. If you only focus on the person you truly are, on the progress you’ve made, on your goals, it will for sure be successful!


It’s never enjoyable to hear about your weakness! In this process, they will essentially come up. How can you become a better person, if you have no clue what your weaknesses are? Plus, by going ahead and meeting with your boss, you’re the one asking for a discussion and you need to be open to any topic that may come up. It’s ok to take the time to accept critical statements, but avoid being on the defensive while discussing with them. Your boss won’t enjoy your defensive attitude and it won’t help you move up to the next step. Listening is the key! Avoid thinking about your next answer, simply listen!


You need to know what you’re worth. That requires a good thought process. The goal here is to showcase your strength and to be proud of your success, without being arrogant. If you think you can do it, then you’re ready to have this discussion!


To be honest, you will never be 100% ready to have this type of discussion. Just go for it and avoid postponing it until tomorrow! If ever you don’t end up with the result you were hoping for, know that you’ve clearly expressed your intentions. Your boss will know how hard you’ve been working to reach your career goal and that’s worth a lot. You’ve got nothing to lose, just go for it!

It can be hard to have a discussion about your future goals with your boss, but it will be so satisfying for you to do so. Be courageous and book some time with your boss! Trust me, no matter what happened you won’t be disappointed!

Tell us how your meeting went!

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