From commercial to all-natural deodorant: a surprising detox

For a couple months now, I’ve been wanting to try out all-natural deodorant. Turns out that last month I did. In British Columbia, there is a company called K’pure which creates and produce all-natural skin care products. The company first started to be known for its all-natural deodorant (because it works!) and has now expanded their line to offer a wider range of all-natural products. One morning, I invested my precious $50 #lol into my armpits by trying K’pure’s all-natural deodorant.

K’pure’s products are known for being made by hand with all-natural ingredients in a small city of British-Columbia, Mission. I have beeng using for a while now there pillow spray before going to bed #LoveTheSent . I knew that my $50 would be well spent, as I already know most of their products and that I love them. May the adventure from commercial to all-natural deodorant begins!


At first, we need to detox our armpit from all those chemicals. To do so, I used K’pure’s “Clean up”($32) mud mask under my armpit. You use it just like a facial mask, although it’s applied to your armpits. Here I am with both arms up, with my armpit covered in mud, funny picture! I know!!

15 minutes later, I get in the shower, massage slowly the mud mask with a little bit of water and then I rinse it off. You should have been there, (not) it smelled so bad. I couldn’t believe the smell that was coming out of there, it was disgusting. I started off my detox with an armpit mud mask and following my experience, I knew something was wrong with commercial deodorant. It was more than the usual scent of a mud mask, it was as if I had cracked open a dozen hard-boiled eggs. Seriously.  #Yeurk

It really makes you wonder what commercial deodorants are made of. Is it the long list of weird ingredients that I am unable to read that fooled me all these years?


The morning that followed my armpit detox, I applied K’pure’s all-natural deodorant “ Get closer”($12). The deodorant has the texture of a thick whipped cream, which makes it super easy to use. At first, I felt a light tingling sensation under my armpit and then 2 minutes later I was ready to start my day. I know that you can’t wait to find out if I smelled like an old man at the end of the day! But no! No smell at all! Plus, I was wearing a massive wool sweater on the first warm day of spring! I was super impressed!


The week that followed, I did 2 more armpit mud mask. After washing off the mud mask, I could scent the normal smell of mud which smelled nothing like the first time. During the whole week, I used K’pure’s all-natural deodorant. It doesn’t require a large quantity to work, all you need is a little quantity of deodorant about the size of a small pea under each armpit. During the day, I never felt the need to retouch my armpit with more deodorant.


I read on K’pure’s website that the transition from commercial to all-natural deodorant could irritate my armpit. For this reason, I had also purchased the all-natural deodorant made without baking soda (mini: $6). Well, it’s still sitting in my pantry, unused! I don’t shave my armpit, I use the Silk Epil when needed and I feel like this could be the reason why I didn’t suffer from red and irritated armpits.

I thought it would be a big change for my body to get used to an all-natural deodorant, but I was all wrong. Let’s say that the first night when I did the detox, I was sort of impressed and skeptical all at once wondering what I had just gotten myself into #Lol. After many months of using K’pure’s all-natural deodorant “Get Closer” I am more than happy that I made the change… mostly when I forget using deodorant and that I smell like a rose!!

And another step towards a more natural lifestyle successfully accomplished!! #Yay

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