My favorite acne-fighting products

I would like to begin by telling you that I have never had an acne-prone skin before. It all began when I turned 26 years old, I had been on the pill for too long and my hormones started to show signs that they were very unbalanced. So, one day I got off the pill, thinking I would be helping my body to rebalance itself… Well, I was wrong. Everything just got way worse. From one day to another, my face was now an all dressed pizza. #Lol

Ma routine et mes produits chouchous contre mon acné | Sparks and Bloom

So, I ran to the pharmacy to ask a thousand questions to the pharmacist about acne-prone skins. About 150$ later I left the pharmacy feeling like I had found the solution to get me out of this hell… But I was wrong.

After trying different products for many weeks on hand, I was right back where I had started. I knew I had two products that seemed to work, but I was far from having found the miracle treatment.

So, I went back on the search and found what works best. I am now sharing with you my favorite acne-fighting products.


As part of my daily routine, I wash my face twice a day. I really like this 3 in 1 from Vichy, because it scrubs, cleans and hydrates my skin all at once. I use it every night in the shower. At first, I apply a small quantity on my skin while massaging softly to give it a good scrub. Then I let it sit while I wash the rest of my body, for about 3 to 5 minutes, then I wash it off. I like how refreshing and cleansing this product is.

Ma routine et mes produits chouchous contre mon acné | Sparks and Bloom


I use this foaming cleanser every morning. I really like how simple and quick it is to use #RushMorning. Plus, it leaves your skin feeling nice and soft.  I also use it as a makeup remover in the shower #SuperLazy, because I am not a big fan of the traditional makeup remover! While being so versatile, we love that it’s only 10$ per bottle.

Ma routine et mes produits chouchous contre mon acné | Sparks and Bloom


OH MY GOD. That’s so precious. Of all the products that I have tried, this one is the one that helped me the most. Every day, I use one drop of tea tree oil on the most acne-prone area of my skin. I make sure to apply it on a clean skin as it’s more effective.  Also, make sure to use it only on certain area of your face as it can cause dryness, so only where it’s needed. The best thing about this product is that it’s all natural and very affordable. I paid about 10$ for 15ml of tea tree oil. Psstt: You will smell very strong, but it works!

Ma routine et mes produits chouchous contre mon acné | Sparks and Bloom


I use this hydrating lotion every morning before applying my makeup. It’s a very light face cream, so It doesn’t leave you looking greasy. This super gentle facial lotion helps with acne-prone skins to reduce acne scars, serum and minimize large pores for a healthier looking skin. After using this product for many weeks now, I can say that I have seen a difference in how my skin looks and how much my acne reduced.

Ma routine et mes produits chouchous contre mon acné | Sparks and Bloom


Every night, before going to bed, I use Argola Cosmétique’s balancing facial cream. I like its rich texture and the hydration feeling I get every time I use this cream. To find out more about this product, read our review.

Voilà! Now you know all my favorite acne-fighting products. Using these products, helped my skin to find its balance. But, I will be honest with you, it was a very long process. If you are currently fighting the battle, keep on holding on, you will get there eventually. I hope these products will help you gain a healthier looking skin.  #ImWithYou

What are your favorite acne-fighting products?

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