Enjoy a slow moment with the Wonder Woman Box

Léa and I have been working so hard lately trying to succeed in all of our ongoing projects. Being so busy, often make us forget about taking care of ourselves. So much, that I don’t have enough fingers on my hand to count the times I left home with hairy leg, as I had no time to shave, or with dirty hair. It happens to all of us! Doesn’t it? Tell me I’m not alone #Please !!


Recently, we tested out the monthly Wonder Woman box subscription. We had no other choice but to take the time to treat ourselves, for all the days we didn’t do it. To stop time and to enjoy the present moment. That’s what the Wonder Woman box is all about. It’s the perfect date with yourself, for the wonder woman within you, to enjoy life, to relax, and to let go for a moment.

I liked every little detail Melissa, the Wonder Woman founder, included in the monthly box. At first, when you open the box, you can find a perfect little note to understand the usage of each product and also the order in which she recommends using them. It’s an awesome step by step process for you to enjoy the moment and to not worry about anything. Relaxing is all you have to do! 🙂

In the monthly box I received, the theme was foot care during summertime! She made sure to include everything for me to take good care of my feet. I had a foot bath bomb, an exfoliating foot scrub soap, foot cream, foot healing ointment, as well as a cucumber and watermelon tea to enjoy while giving myself a treatment. She even thought of adding a fig bar, just in case I would get hungry!

It was awesome! I had such a great time, treating myself, so much that I have another date with myself planned very soon! There is a reason why there were 2 bath bombs in the box! Right? 😉

Those moments really help to stay grounded and to be more creative. It inspires me, as I have time to think about my future projects and about my desires. Honestly, there is nothing more important than taking time for yourself!

Did you try the Wonder Woman box? How do you take care of yourself?

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