DIY Masson jar candle holder

Ya know those winter evenings where you feel like cocooning. It’s super cold outside, warm inside and to add some #sparks you light up a couple candles in every room of your home. Aahhhh such comfort. While writing these lines I just feel like putting on my pajamas and recreate the ambiance.

Here is a super easy DIY that will reuse your overload of Masson jars by creating DIY Masson jar candle holder so #pinterestcute .

  1. Wash and dry your Masson jar.
  2. With the green tape, create a pattern and apply it to your Masson jar where you wish to keep transparency.
  3. In a well-aired space, spread down newspaper on your workspace and gently spray paint your jar, making sure they are evenly coated.
  4. Let dry your jar for about 1 h or until the paint is completely dry.
  5. Gently take off the green take.
  6. Your mason jar is ready to use. If you want to add more decoration you can simply add a ribbon or a nice cord to your jar’s rim.

It’s possible that some paint might have slipped under your pattern. You can easily clean the excess by scratching the paint with a toothpick.

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