DIY Champagne glass

I am a little bit addicted to kitchen stuff. I always want to buy a bunch, but each time I end up at the cash register, I turn around and leave everything in the store. Why? Yeah, I might be a little cheap! I have a hard time consuming without thinking about my bank account #Weak. Mostly when I know I can make it myself. Here is a DIY to pimp your champagne glass for your next party #uhuhuh !!

Initial cost:

  • 4 vintage champagne glass : 2.00$
  • ½ can of gold spray paint : 3.50$

Total cost : 5.50$

Working time : 20 minutes

Waiting time : 1h

  • 4 tall glass of your choice
  • Gold spray paint
  • Painter’s tape
  • Recycled Newspaper
DIY coupe de champagne or
  1. Wash the glass with soapy water and let them dry.
  2. Use the painter’s tape to limit the space you don’t wish to paint.
  3. On your work surface, spread around the recycled newspaper.
  4. In a well aired space, spray paint one glass at a time, making sure the paint is evenly applied.
  5. Let the paint dry for about 1h, or until the paint is dry.
  6. Delicately pull off the painter’s tape.

Et voilà! You just pimped your beautiful champagne glass for pretty cheap, now it’s time to host a party!

*The glass must be hand washed.

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