Christmas gift ideas for your mother, your mother-in-law, your sister, and your girlfriend under $50!

Fa la la la la! ‘’This the season” as they say! It’s time to open up your heart and to give back to the people you love most. No matter how big your budget is, what matters is the intention and the fact you thought of getting them a gift!

For this reason, we’ve put together the best Christmas gift ideas under $50. This way you can buy a little something to your mother, to your mother-in-law (she’s probably done a lot for you this year, well mine did #Thankful), to your best friend, your girlfriends or even to someone who invited you over for dinner!


It’s time to look for the chocolate lovers in your squad and to treat them with a delightful gift. You may already know how much I love Juliette et Chocolats… If not, you should head over to their website to find out more about their products. If you have a good budget, I suggest getting the Gift basket – The passionate, which is a basket filled with Juliette et Chocolats’s delightful brownies as well as a jar of caramel fleur de sel (#YUMMY). As a hostess gift, I highly recommend offering the Cubies, which are so decadent (I’m telling you!) !


Léa and I both received a beautiful ring from Horace Jewelry and we were happily impressed by them. Our rings really stayed beautiful, even thought we were wearing them every day. We thought It would be a great gift to offer to a friend. Plus, they are super affordable. We really like the ring La fleurie – rose, the ring La basic – argent ou encore the ring la losange – rose.


Did you know that many women adore having beautiful nails all year round? Which means that receiving a very nice shade of nail polish for Christmas will always make us happy. Here we really like Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel nail polish as well as their Complete Salon Manicure nail polish. Here are a few shades we like:


If you feel like offering all-natural products, handmade in Québec we recommend checking out Deux Cosmétiques’s line of products. I have been using Deux Cosmétiques’s soap bar every night for the past year and I am pretty sure your mother-in-law or your friend would love them as well! How about offering them a curated soap bar gift basket? Here are a few of our favorite soaps!

Gagne ton ensemble de 5 savons Cocktails d’été (Margarita, Pina Colada, Gimlet, Mojito & Cosmo) en collaboration avec @deuxcosmetiques ,


Léa received Yves Rocher’s Red Apple gift set and she talked to me about it for a week as it smelled so good. I thought why not offering to your friends, one of Yves Rocher’s gift baskets?! To be honest, if I had the chance to offer Léa that gift basket first, I think I would have won the title of best sister ever! 😉 Here are some of our favorite gift baskets!


Christmas is the perfect time to offer beautiful accessories to the one we love and it’s even better if those accessories can keep them warm. We really like Bizou’s wide range of accessories. Actually, we’ve been shopping at Bizou forever! Here are the accessories we recommend offering for Christmas:

You know how much I love to cook! For me, receiving a kitchen accessory for Christmas always makes me happy and I am guessing that I am not the online one. There is probably a couple of cooking amateurs in the room that share my opinion! Yay! Kitchen tools for everyone!

Idées de cadeaux parfaits pour le bas de Noël | Sparks and Bloom


We all know that after the holidays your friend’s skin will be needing a beauty boost! Haha! #WeReBestFriendOurWeReNot?

As the alcohol will be flowing during the holidays and that the party will end late, we find ourselves needing extra care. Why not taking advantage of the holiday season to offer your friends a face mask?

We wish you a wonderful holiday shopping. Most of all, we wish you a great holiday season filled with precious moments with your loved ones.

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