Christmas gift for men for every budget


As you may have read in this post, my boyfriend got to try out Wise’s men’s care products. It actually is a great Christmas gift idea. These all-natural products smell heavenly good, plus they are made in Montreal. It simply is the perfect gift! If you have a good budget I recommend getting “The Essential” gift set, otherwise, I recommend the shampoo which is definitely a must-have!


That’s right, it makes for a pretty awesome gift, plus Cacao 70 offers a wide range of Chocolate fondue!


A personalized gift for him. ILikeMaps create a wide range of maps and some you can customize as well. Their maps make for a great decor piece to offer someone or even yourself! You can pick a map that means something to them, whether it was their favorite trip, a place they used to live or a place they are dreaming of visiting.  Many colour options are offered for every map to match their decor.

Hey Google, what’s the weather today? Yes! You heard that right, old are the days where you had to stop what you were doing to tell your significant other what the current weather was! Plus, Google Home, can help you with your daily schedule, play your music and does so much more! The possibilities are almost infinite!


A colourful and tasty gin created with its 34 spices, making this a one of a kind gin. All the notes of sweet, woody, bark and even smoke that comes from different spices can be appreciated by simply smelling the gin. It will please the gin connoisseurs as well as anyone who appreciates trying new things.


Offering a themed gift box according to a person’s preference makes for an awesome gift. Does your man like microbreweries, is he a foodie, or does he like visiting other cities? Coffret-Prestige offers many gift boxes to suit his needs Here are some he might enjoy:


My boyfriend loves this brand and I am pretty sure he is not the only one who appreciates their clothes. Offering them a nice sweater or any other piece you know they may need makes for a great Christmas gift. We selected a few items for you:


My brother has asked me for this backpack for many months now and he got very lucky this year as he will be getting it! Don’t worry, he already knows about it! Haha! This is the perfect backpack for the city, whether you’re commuting to work or to the gym, its urban design gives it a sleek look. It’s offered in 2 sizes; 18L or 24L.


When I think of Christmas season, I often think of myself and my boyfriend cozying up on the couch while watching snow fall, often while drinking hot chocolate. Les Chocolats Clair de Lune create an all-new version of the classic hot chocolate as we know it. The hot chocolate balls are beautiful for the eyes, so tasty and comforting. The perfect hostess gift, or even for your cousin or any men’s stocking!

We think that the men in your life will appreciate those gifts. Most of all, we wish you a wonderful Christmas time with all the men in your life, that’s what matters most!

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