Want to recover an easy $20?

There is nothing more important for the Sparks and Bloom sisters than to take good care of their money. Let’s say that we like to pay the fair price for what we purchase. Yep, we are that kind of people!

A couple of days ago, Léa and I were chatting about the bread price-fixing scandal and we heard that we could subscribe to get a $25 gift card as a payback (the sisters talk about that kind of thing!)

Campagne Mousse payante| Sparks and Bloom

So, when the Foam for Cash campaign approached us, we did a little research to understand what it was all about. When we found out you could be receiving a nice little $20 in the mail, we couldn’t say no!

Now I can hear you saying, “hum, what campaign?” the Foam for Cash campaign!

The concept is very simple; if you are like me and you purchased one or multiple pieces of furniture made in Canada such as a bed mattress, office chairs, sofas, carpet underlay or even a nice armchair between January 1, 1999 and January 10, 2012 you are eligible to receive a minimum of $20 compensation.

Now you’re probably wondering, “how so?”

Class action lawsuits were filed against manufacturers of flexible polyurethane foam for allegedly forming a cartel to fix their prices and inflating the cost of flexible polyurethane foam (which is likely found in almost all your furniture);)! The good news is that the class action lawsuits were settled out of court (for $38 million!!) and people like you and I can now claim what we are owed.

Campagne Mousse payante| Sparks and Bloom

It’s really easy to get your money back! All you have to do is take a picture of your product label that was made in Canada and submit your claim online. No need to look for receipts from 1999 (that you’ve probably lost) at the bottom of your drawers! No! All they need is a picture of the label.

Know that you could claim more if you still have your proof of purchase! I can tell you that Léa and I are currently searching through our piles of bills looking for our proofs of purchase and flipping up every single cushion we have in our houses to find out what was made in Canada #MyMoney!

We invite you to do the same by submitting a very quick and easy online claim; it’s time to get some money back!

**This is a sponsored post.

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