The struggle of Christmas with divorced parents

If you’re like my sister and I, you probably rolled your eyes when you read the title. Having divorced parents at Christmas times makes everything much more complicated, we all know that. It feels as if all we are trying to do is fit all the family dinners into too little time. We love our parents and we love spending time with them, but it’s a struggle sometimes: P .

If on top of that your boyfriend’s parents are also divorced, you have 4 Christmas dinner to attend to only visit the parents. To that, you can add all the traditional Christmas party with the cousins, the aunts and the uncles. You can also add a couple friend dinner and you end up with an overflowing schedule starting on December 23rd and ending on January 2nd. That’s what the boyfriend and I have been living for the past 10 years!

The Christmas season was very tiring when we didn’t have kids, but we were still attending every single party because we wanted to see our people. But now that we have really young children, we are rethinking the whole idea. We really want to see everybody, but it’s technically impossible to attend and enjoy every single event.

So, this year, we decided to do things differently. We have decided to narrow down the Christmas party so we could enjoy them better. We have decided that the party with the biggest crowds would be cut off this year’s schedule as they are difficult to attend with young children.

To be honest, it breaks our heart to know we won’t be attending all the parties, but we feel that for our little family (21 months and 5 months old), that’s what’s best. We truly hope we will be able to attend all the parties sooner than later without being exhausted on January 2nd. But only time will tell when that will be possible.

So, this year we opted for a #SlowLiving Christmas season. And I believe, it’s not bad at all to take things slow sometimes.

This year, how are you planning your Christmas season? Do you plan on attending every single party? Or are you part of my team #SlowLiving Christmas?

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