My first Christmas at home, in Vancouver

This year, it’s going to be my first Christmas away from my family. It took me a lot of time before deciding to spend my first Christmas in our new home in Vancouver. I didn’t really know if by staying here I was making the right call, but looking back on last year’s experience it enlightened me!

Last year on December 23rd, the boyfriend and I flew to Quebec City. We were thrilled to enjoy Christmas with my family, thinking we would be able to spend lots of time with our loved one. But ha-ha-ha! If you are living away from your family, you know what I am talking about!

About 2000$ of plane tickets later, we were finally in Quebec City, running around like chickens with their head cut off. Trying to the best of our abilities to attend every single Christmas party. Because in Quebec, we loooovee to party ;)!

We came back to Vancouver 10 days later, as tired as ever and we barely spent two hours of quality time with my family. And then you ask yourself… « Was it worth the 2000$?… Trying to accomplish everything but nothing at the same time? » Let’s say it makes for a phoquing expensive trip!

So, this time around, I was very hesitant about spending Christmas here, in Vancouver. Just because it will be the first one. You know the first times are never easy, they are usually very overwhelming. I know that emotionally it will be rough. I am 27 years old and the past 26 Christmas I had in my life was with them; my parents, my brothers, my sister, my aunts and my cousins.

This year I felt like I needed to do things differently. I know it may seem weird, but I felt like I needed to do this for myself. When moving away from your family there are many emotional phases to go through and for me, this one is a big one. The best way to make it through and to grow is to create your own habits, your own memories. A little bit like a smoker that stops smoking. It sounds silly, but it’s pretty much the same.

So, this year it will be our first Christmas just the boyfriend and I in our home and I feel like creating new traditions. Our traditions.

At some point in your life, did you have to create your own habits? Do you plan on visiting your family this Christmas? If not, how was your first Christmas away from your family?

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