My dad told me “to enjoy life” and that’s what I’m going to do

Written by Marie-Claude Larouche

Well…. Where do I begin?

Maybe introducing myself…

My name is Marie-Claude and I’m nearly 33, or as my mom would say Jesus’ age! There is nothing wrong with being 33 years old. I’m more confident, I feel good in my body and mind. I am surrounded by people that I love and with whom I want to share my life. My routine will change a little bit at the end of the summer, if it ever ends up happening! Oh my, I prefer the white of my T-shirt to the white of the snow. I have had enough of winter!

Let’s get back at it! Last year was a really tough year emotionally speaking. I have accomplished lots and have also come to the realization of how precious life is, how short it can be and how we should make the most of it. I know people always say the same thing… But it’s true, SO TRUE! Time goes by so quickly.


I have a funny, intelligent, and healthy 8 years old boy. My boyfriend and have decided to only have one child and we’re ok with it… But I feel that time flies by so quickly and that very soon it will be too late to enjoy those precious moments. The one where we laugh till we cry, when we turn the kitchen table into a fortress and when weeknights become weekends. I don’t want to miss on a minute with this little love.

I have been working full-time for almost 12 years in a daycare and recently left my job to have more time to myself. It was a tough decision, but I thought about it for a long time. My dad once told me “to enjoy life” and I felt like it was the right time for me to do so. This way I will be able to manage my own schedule while being an educator, but not full-time.

A small change for more freedom… and also to go shopping more often! Haha!  But we will have to compromise on a few things. Less money, fewer shoes matching my dresses and so on, but much more quality time.

The point is that if you have any doubts about your work, your personal or love life, ask yourself the right questions, answer it and go! Do something and do it now. It’s scary at first, but finally it feels so good. Maybe it’s easier when you’re 33 ?!


If like me, your emotions are reflected in your gut health, when feeling stressed you’re constipated… Well, try this! I tried this “magic” liquid, which helped with my gut health and to be more regular on a day-to-day basis. I use Maison Jacinthe’s Bio Flo 1 which is a concentrated powder made from natural fibers. You simply add a teaspoon to a glass of your favorite juice, mix thoroughly and then let the magic happen. I take it every day and for the past 2 months the door of my bathroom is locked from 6:07 AM to 6:10 AM. Hahah!

Tested and approved by Marie.

Full-time Mom and Girlfriend.

This post was translated from French to English by:

Charlène Bessenay
I am Charlene. I was born in France but I live in Quebec City since 2007. I am a 32-year-old married mom of 2 (a boy and a girl), a part-time student (translation) and also a hockey mom 😉 I decided to go to university at 31 because I love foreign languages and I needed a new challenge. I love food and wine (I’m French you remember 😉 ), I have a very long travel bucket list and I practice Zumba and Yoga.

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