A little booby story…

For the past 3 years, all I have been talking about is breasts! I know it’s quite weird to hear and to read. Well, I was working as a fashion designer for one of Montreal’s most renown lingerie company. So, talking about breasts, looking at breasts and creating garments for breasts was part of my day to day life. Knowing that I was always making sure to give the right support to my boobies and therefore wear a proper bra every day.

Being part of this everyday breaststyle life, treating my boobies with the love they deserved was my number one priority. So, doing a self-breast exam was part of my monthly routine. Although, about 3 months ago I started to feel a constant pressure in both of my breasts. One breast was way more painful than the other, but the nature of the pain felt pretty similar and so unpleasant. You can imagine that it has also been 3 months that I can’t stop touching my breast as I am always trying to find out what’s wrong with them. I can never find anything (and thankfully).

Last week, I finally decided to go see a doctor to find out more about the situation. By a beautiful Saturday morning, 8h30 I get ready to leave the condo to go to a « drop-in » clinic. As I was expecting it, they didn’t take new patients. Let’s not forget that I recently moved to a new province, therefore I don’t have a family doctor. Finding a doctor that will accept new patients in this day and age is like finding a needle in a hay stack #NotEasy ! Anyway, the clinic gently recommended me to go to another clinic a couple blocks down the street. I arrive at the 2nd drop-in clinic, where I get once again transferred to another clinic for the same reasons.

Seems that 3 was the magic number. I sat down in the waiting area and waited to be called in by the doctor. As my hands were sweaty and my heart wanted to pump out of my chest, I entered the doctor’s office and explained the situation. (You know that moment you sort of want to find out what’s going on with your body, but not really…)

It’s finally time for my breasts exam. Admit, that however, how many times you had this exam, it’s always as awkward. So, I take off my shirt then I covered myself with a disposable paper sheet and the breasts exam begins. The doctor does his thing and then he tells me the diagnosis. « Miss, I don’t see anything wrong with your breasts. The only reason why they could be painful… Well… I believe it’s because your bra is too tight…

All of a sudden, I became soooo confused. I was obviously thinking of the worst. I silently burst into laughter. This girl that created hundreds of bras, that knows the breasts’s physiology by heart and that knows what bras works best for each body type… Me, who used to talk about boobies all day long, for years. I actually wear my bra too tight?!? Really? What a FAIL…

On that day, the only prescription the doctor gave me was to free my breast from wearing a bra as often as possible.

3 years ago, if you would have told me that I would be part of the #FreeTheNipples movement from time to time, I would have never ever believed you. Oh well, times change me and my girls are part of the team!

Thankfully everything turned out well! Did your breasts ever scare you?

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