Bali’s restaurant; our best pick!

In my last post, I mentioned my love for food in Bali. I went over the subject quickly, but I think it’s important to mention that Bali is a gastronomic island.

I don’t really like to say this, but my boyfriend and I are food hedonist #AwefulTerm. Our best nights are usually made of great food, a glass of wine and a couple friends. So, I am sharing with you my favorite restaurants in Bali.

Since most the places we stayed at were not well equipped to cook, we spent over 3 months eating out in restaurants. So, let me tell you we have tried many restaurants. At breakfast, lunch and dinner and (most of the time) happy hour. To be exact I tested 476 meals at different restaurants during our stay #lol.


My favorite restaurant in Bali. The best place to chill out with friends while enjoying a cheap drink (2 for 1), the beer was 1$… plus they have drink specials, etc. We were mostly going there to share Balinese dishes, but you can also enjoy the different type of dishes. Some night they even had singers or bands playing live. The ambiance was really cool. A special glance to the free popcorn, a little too chewy due to the humidity, but we still ate it! @grass_terrace_bali 

11 choses à découvrir sur l’île de Bali


Personally, it’s one of the best coffees in Seminyak. It’s a very cute spot with subdued light for breakfast, plus the food it sooooo good! @revolverespresso 


One eyed jack is a modern Japanese restaurant and a Saké bar. On their menu, they offer many raw food options, mostly served tapas style or to share. I really love to be able to taste many dishes during a single meal, so I was very pleased with this place. Honestly, the food was melting in our mouth, a real pleasure!  One of my best meal ever.  @oneeyedjack.bali 


You must visit this restaurant for its view of the sea and for its ambiance. They also offer many seating options, some of which you can sit on the grass as if you were having a picnic. We enjoyed doing that while sipping on a glass of sangria and looking at the sunset, a moment to remember. @thelawncanggu

Restaurants à découvrir à Bali


I really loved this restaurant. At the Dandelion there are rabbits running around the tables, I know it’s so cuutee !!! It’s also one of the many places we’ve visited where we had an amazing service. Also, make sure you ask about the story written on the menu, we had a good laugh with the owner. @dandelioncanggu


These four restaurants all belong to the same owner. With all my honesty, they all deserve to be visited. The decors are composed of many little things where they really paid attention to the detail. It was amazing to see all their different concepts. Just to walk around the restaurants will make your evening. Plus, the food is great. @lalagunabali @lasiciliabali , @lafavelabali_ , @laplanchabali

Restaurants à découvrir à Bali


There are many restaurants and warungs in Bali. Warung can mean many things; a corner store, a small store, a restaurant… The best warung I ate at was the Just warung. The owner was very nice, the food was so cheap and the view on the rice field made that moment just perfect. This small warung is genuine almost every week we had dinner there. A couple times the owner brought us fresh papaya from his garden to enjoy for dessert. It was so good. @just_warung


We had the pleasure to enjoy so many spa treatments while being in Bali.  When it’s 7$ for a one hour massage, let’s say you don’t hesitate, you just go for it. I had my best ever facial at the Therapy spa. This spa offers more for your buck, one of the best spas we’ve tried in Bali.  @therapybali 

There are so many cool places in Bali. These restaurants are located in Canggu and Seminyak. This doesn’t mean that you won’t eat well in Ubud or in the south of the island. I had a really good time at all of these restaurants, that’s why they made their way to my top picks!

Let me know if you visit any of them!

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