Valencia: one of our favourite destination in Spain during our one-month family trip + where to eat in the city

Valencia was the second city we visited during our month stay in Spain. For our visit, we planned to discover the culture, the monuments and the great food of this European country located on the coast of the Iberian Peninsula.

We were happily surprised by Valencia amongst all the cities we visited during our month in Spain.

We thought people were kind and welcoming. The city was clean, and you can do lots of activities (find out more here).

As we are true #foodies, the diversity of food in Spain made us want to try everything. ?

Stay with us, if you would like to know the food we enjoyed most, where we slept and how we got around Valencia with our kids.


We left Valencia with a feeling of satisfaction. When we were planning our trip, most of the people we talked to, didn’t recommend stopping in Valencia, mainly for its lack of activities.

BUT people were wrong. As it turned out, Valencia was one of our favourite destinations during our month in Spain.

We were in Valencia from July,14th to July, 20th 2019 as part of our round-the-world trip.

We rented a car from Barcelona (you can read all about our stay in Barcelona here and here) to go to Valencia.

We loved the pleasant atmosphere of the clean and the distinct neighbourhoods where you can feel their soul and taste great food. Valencia, you melted our hearts.

Here is why! ?



Paella was invented in Valencia, and the Valencians are very proud of it. You can find Paella on almost every menu, anywhere in the city. We asked our Airbnb host for their favourite spot for paella, and their answer was: “Everywhere in Valencia.”

LOL, I’m not so sure about that, but after looking at some restaurants from a distance, we finally decided to go on a terrace to see if it was true.

Our waitress, a kind woman named Alice, was so good with our kids and brought us what seemed to be the best paella we’ve ever had (we had one before – but not in Valencia).

Our restaurant’s terrace had a view on a cathedral’s parvis, so it wasn’t crowded. Unfortunately, I’m a little mad at myself, but I can’t seem to remember the name of the restaurant. For many reasons, but also because we walked in many streets until felt it was the right spot “here is the best paella”. Yeah, that’s who we are!

As a blessing in disguise, you should do like us, walking in the city looking for the best paella – just to know if my Airbnb host was right!  Who knows, maybe the paella is good everywhere in Valencia – sit on a terrace and enjoy!

Groceries and markets

Part of our round-the-world reality is that we have to cook at home wherever we are in the world, even in Valencia.

So, I went to do grocery shopping for you! #GlamNotGlam

Some people will tell you that Valencia’s Central Market is a great place to get food.

It’s a great, clean, and bright space where you can find local food. But, yes, I said, but it was expensive. We realized a few days later that going to the grocery store was a better bargain.

As we are on a round-the-world trip, we have to stick to our budget, and it wasn’t the case when we went to the Central Market. #LOLILOL #SorryBudget

There are plenty of grocery stores, street markets…where you can buy food, cook a lot “at home” and don’t waste money at restaurants.

Drinking Rioja; Spain’s most famous wine

Our favourite home meal is to go get fresh mushrooms, onions, zucchinis, put everything in a pan with olive oil, salt and garlic. We add this to fresh pasta and Parmesan cheese and then pour a glass of Rioja – one of the most famous Spanish wine! A pure delight just like at a restaurant. ?

Eating Tapas, Spanish culinary specialties

While you are in Spain, you need to eat Tapas… their specialty!

For those of you who don’t know; a Tapa is an appetizer, or a small tasty bite made of food originated from Spain (deli meats, cheeses, fish, seafood, vegetables, olives, olive oil…) and served with beer, sangria, Spanish wine or any other drink.

Our fav’ Tapas: almost everything named “croquetas de… (jamòn, beef, fish, etc.), olives, deli foods also seafood, bruschetta, and so on.

So, go and eat Tapas – we’re in Spain, right!? ? Taste and enjoy, it’s so good!


We were in an Airbnb for our week in Valencia. It was a 3-bedroom apartment with a balcony near Old Valencia. To find great places to stay, I recommend having an Airbnb account… plus you get a $45 discount on your first reservation with this link!


We rented a car for our trip to Valencia (we kept it for a few weeks until we got to Granada). We didn’t use it except to go to the beach. You can easily walk around Valencia (but the beach is far from the downtown court). You also have access to public transport (we didn’t use it).

Valencia is stroller friendly (even for double stroller like us). Sidewalks are broad, easy to get off and it’s a very flat city.

We hope you’ll enjoy your trip to Valencia as much as we did!

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