Top 18 of Our Most Wonderful Moments While On An Around The World Family Trip

A long family trip like the one we did in 2019-2020 is quite something. We came back our heads filled with great memories, some hiccups and adventures in our pockets, and in my case, feeling like selling everything and going back for another round! … Hehe! 😀

Now that time has passed since we rushed back because of COVID, water under the bridge, and that the dust of our 3-months-in-advance return has settled, I finally feel ready to dive back into the memories of this long-term trip and to share them with you.

I also feel like sharing with you our strong moments, our highs just as much as our lows.

So I begin with our good times: here’s in order and disorder some of the most memorable moments of our trip, our most beautiful around-the-world family trip experiences.

1. To contemplate the Nil and the Sphynx, to see them with my own eyes.

2. To go back to have lunch with our little family to this restaurant in Montmartre, Paris, where my darling asked for my hand 8 years before.

3. To observe whole families of elephants on natural reserves in Sri Lanka.

4. To live on a desert island for nearly 10 days in Malasia.

5. Take a ride on a camel’s back and to feel the dryness of the desert in the Sahara, in Morocco.

6. To get lost into the depths of an Egyptian pyramid and to soak in this country’s mysterious atmosphere.

7. To have my breath taken away by all the zen vibes of Greece’s Meteora.

8. To bathe in a hot spring and to see the earth boiling in New Zealand.

9. To see hundreds of monkeys roaming around in Bali, Indonesia.

10. To be lucky enough to laugh before gigantism and Rome’s Coliseum’s history in Italy.

11. Ring in/begin 2020 at the other end of the world, with my family, feet dipping in water, in Thailand.

12. To live the moment of a Santorini sunset in Greece.

13. To be amazed before all of the mythical temples and pagodas in Myanmar.

14. To free dive in Malasia and to observe the oceans’ wonders. Sharks, jellyfish, turtles, shoals of sunfish, clownfish, and more.

15. To celebrate my 31st birthday in Dubrovnik, in Croatia.

16. To visit the underground caves of Nerja, Spain, that foster the world’s most ancient paintings old of 42 000 years before Jesus Christ.

17. To walk the paths of Gaudi’s eccentric monument, the Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona, Spain.

18. To simply “be” to the slow rhythm of the Peloponnese region, in Greece, for 10 days.

So here are a few of our strongest moments and most wonderful memories of our family trip around the world!

And you, what’s a great moment of one of your latest trips? You know, just to get me to dream and to want to live it for myself!? ?

This post was translated from French to English by:

Sophie Dumais
My name is Sophie, a passionate language learner, and a full-time dog mom. Long walks, soothing cups of tea, Japanese learning and the search for beauty are my everyday life. Slowly but surely is how I do things, contemplating the peaceful ways of time and the enchanting notion of living the moment.

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