These days, it’s all about the fidget spinner – but do you remember…

Fidget spinners are super popular among young people – nop! We are no longer young ;). I hear you say spin what?? You know the toy that spins onto itself.

Every generation had their big trends. I had a major throwback to our days. We had so many popular toys, quite like the fidget spinner.

Here is a recap of the top trendy toys (I) we used to play with, for hours. Our parents were probably as desperate as we are when our kid is playing with a fidget spinner. #OhBoy 😉

If you were born around 85 or higher up, you will probably recognize a couple of them and hopefully remember the good days. 😉


Nobody really knew what to do with the pog, other than collecting them and they would always end up lying around the house.


I played so much that my ankle’s skin was hurting! Was it popular in your hood?


We could create so many shapes with this string. Remember the bridge, the Eiffel tower, the broom, etc. Personally, I played this game over and over again! I even remember there was a trick called the toilet bowl. #TooMuchImagination


I believe this one survived through the years, since I just bought one for my child. # NothingIsLost #NothingIsCreated #EverythingIsTransformed #EcologyClassGrade1 #lol


It was packaged in a transparent jar, a little bit bigger than a pill container. Let say it was useless, all it did was stick to the dirt and to the dust. The slime would get dirty quickly and a little bit nasty! #Eurk


This one was also useless other than snapping your friends (and it would hurt) to put the snap bracelet onto their wrist. #Kiddo

Other useless toys could have made their way onto this list, but let’s leave it at that. Hopefully, I made you remember the good times and made you smile a couple times while reading this post! #Nostalgic

So, let the younger ones play with their fidget spinner, we were far from being any better! 😉

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