The sister’s Las Vegas food tour; 8 restaurants we recommend in Las Vegas!

Ooh Las Vegas, the city of lights, a city that never sleeps, a party city, a city of excess and where the possibilities are endless… But it’s also a food destination! #Foodie

At first, you don’t think of Las Vegas as a food destination, but it truly is one with excellent restaurants to satisfy the foodies of this world.

As you may already know, the Sparks and Bloom sisters A.D.O.R.E. trying out new restaurants, tasting new dishes, drinking good wine, good cocktails and good beers… We would describe ourselves as foodies… Because we are!

During our trip to Las Vegas we made sure to satisfy our palates at all time!

Here are some of the best restaurants we went to when visiting Las Vegas.


We flew into Las Vegas that day and arrived in the afternoon. We were staying at MGM Park, we went for a stroll on the Strip around the hotel (which was well located and at a decent price).

We went for an appetizer and drinks at Beerhaus. The restaurant opens up to the outdoor area, which overlooks the tailgate section of the T-Mobile Arena. They serve beers from over 20 microbreweries in this large space decorated like a sports bar. You can also enjoy a drink on their outside terrace. We had the mac and cheese bites which were so good. They also have a happy hour every day with beer specials at $4 and cocktail specials at $5.

For dinner, we went to a restaurant located in the New York New York hotel. The II Fornaio serves fresh handmade pasta. We all had a big bowl of pasta for dinner served with wood-oven baked bread and with a good bottle of red Italian wine.


We had brunch at MGM’s primrose restaurant, a French-style restaurant located on the main floor of the hotel. We all really enjoyed our breakfast. On my side, I went for their homemade granola served with plain yogurt and sweet local honey. Sacha had the eggs benedict with homemade hollandaise sauce, served on brioche bread with a side of smashed fingerling potatoes. The decor and atmosphere were perfect, it felt as if we were in Paris. You will not be disappointed if you start your day with Primrose’s delightful breakfast.

Bouchon is located in the Venetian hotel and truly is the place to go to treat yourself. Its grandiose outside patio overlooking the inner courtyard, makes you feel as if you were in Versailles. We spent so much time on that patio, pretty much the whole evening, secretly hoping we were the princess of the palace! The service was exceptional, the food was to die for, and the wine was so good that we had to ask for a second bottle. We enjoyed the entree of foie gras (we tried both, the cold and the warm entree), as well as the homemade gnocchi, which was crispy and served in a creamy buttery pumpkin sauce.


We slept in that morning, let’s say that the night before was one to remember! My boyfriend went out to get us breakfast and came back with delicious sweet and salty crepes from 48th and crepe. We enjoyed a slow morning in bed, sipping on warm coffee and eating an egg, ham and mushroom crepe as well as a strawberry and whip cream crepe.

Before going to the Cirque du Soleil’s show O, we went out to a restaurant located in the Bellagio hotel called Harvest By Roy Ellamar. We had a few fancy and tasty happy hour cocktails.

We went for dinner at Raku, a restaurant located in the Japanese quarter in Las Vegas. It’s one of the best nights I’ve had in a Japanese restaurant. They have dozens of high-quality sakes on their menu. As we don’t know too much about sake, they gave us a tasting of 5 of their best sakes so we could make up our mind. They specialize in Japanese dishes, mostly small dishes that they bring to your table according to their pairing. We ate amazingly well, it was tasty and well prepared. You can really see when tasting the dishes how much work goes into each dish.

We enjoyed the homemade marinated tofu, the sashimi, the pork chops, the scallops, and wasabi beef served on a stick.

We went to the restaurant with an Uber and our driver confirmed to us that was the safest option to get there. When driving to the restaurant you go through some unsafe neighborhood. Being careful and aware is important! We do recommend going there with an Uber.


We had breakfast at The Buffet which is a restaurant located in the Aria hotel. I would say that we ate too much, not only there, but also everywhere else we went to in Las Vegas. Haha! The buffet offers a wide variety of dishes in their buffet from seafood, breakfast, Chinese food, dessert, etc. It was delightful.

We had a few cocktails at the happy hours of Sake Rok (Sacha loves happy hours haha). They have a rooftop terrace overlooking the T-Mobile Arena and it’s located across the street from the MGM Park hotel.

Our last dinner together was at the California Pizza Kitchen.  It’s a pretty chill restaurant, we had a few drinks and a pizza while chatting on their patio. I recommend the California pizza it was pretty good! (They also have mac and cheese bites which were good too!)

That was Sacha and I’s Las Vegas food tour! Do you have any other restaurant you would recommend?

Tell us in the comments!

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