Saying yes to life’s momentum

I’m probably not the only one who ever tough “if only I had a crystal ball to see the future, then life would be so much easier. If only I could have a sign from something, someone, somewhere, maybe, I would know what to do or what decision to make.

What I realize with time is that not only life is sending me signs, but it’s sending me many momentums. While embracing every one of those, I realize that after all, it was all so clear, I had to be on this path.

I am currently facing so many momentums. In the middle of them all, I have a brief glimpse that makes me understand that those dreams, those goals I had set for myself, may come true. Here I am, making a slow decision about this life of mine, one momentum at a time. I kept my ears wide open, trying to see every detail and trying to understand these momentums.

I’m pretty sure this happened to you too. Facing momentums are entirely part of the life cycle. We all have aspirations, dreams, and needs of changes. It could be going back to school, letting go of a relationship, changing jobs, creating a family or even going traveling. We all have goals. When you feel those momentums coming at you, make sure you have the courage to embrace them and to jump right in! It was probably the moment you have been waiting for, all these years, who knows!

We’ve all been marked by inspiring stories. These people had the courage to face the momentum and make those opportunities become a reality.

Are you ready to say yes to life’s momentum? Let’s go, it’s scary, but so worth it. Go for it and dare to… #SparksAndBloom ;)!

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