Our guest room makeover!

I couldn’t wait to get started on this room makeover!!

For several reasons, but first, because it smelled horrible. I have such a sensitive nose, and I couldn’t chase away the smell lurking in the carpet. Cat’s pee, that’s what was lodged in the fibres of the rug. Needless to say, the demolition of this room was gross but necessary.

The walls were covered with an ugly silver blue paint pattern wallpaper. I was having nightmares just thinking about stepping foot in there. This room was straight out of the ’90s, another reason to renovate!

In short, it was ugly and stinky.


So, one morning, before my husband headed to work, I spoke to him about my plans for this room. He honestly thought this was just discussion material, but really for me, it was more than that. So, I began the demolition a few hours later. Haha!

He should have seen it coming! Ha!

I worked a few days at removing the wallpaper, the carpet, the carpet underlay, and everything was going as planned. Well, my plan! In my opinion, tearing down a room is the best part. It’s like unveiling a room’s full potential!


The most exciting part of the project! Every time I go through this, I tend to forget how time-consuming it’s to make a plan. It’s certainly less complex than renovating an entire kitchen, but it still takes planning.

First, I needed to research the materials I was planning on installing in this room. Then I needed to look into the timeline of it all, which is even more difficult right now. And if you need to hire help, it adds another layer of difficulty and makes any project very complex. Luckily, I call myself a handywoman, and YouTube has become my best friend.

I knew I had to do this room makeover on a budget. So I found a floor similar to what I was looking for at a really affordable price at Home Depot. The installation was a bit tricky, but once I decided to do my own thing instead of reading the wrongful instruction, it got installed pretty quickly. I painted the walls with Behr’s Whisper White in a matte finish. It’s a very easy-to-use colour, which I like! I used a paint gun to paint the walls and I L.O.V.E.D. it.

As the room is fairly large, it made painting easy and took only 5 hours instead of a few days if I were to use a brush. I saved a lot of time with this Wagner paint gun (FleXiO 590). I was very impressed!


Once I was all done with the construction side of things, I began decorating! Ah! My favourite!

I could spend hours scouring the web for inspo and shopping for it all. I found this clean and modern bed, Brooke, at Eternity Modern. It was exactly what I was looking for in this room. Since the bed is the focal point of the room, I was very keen on having a modern bed that was simply beautiful with its cream tone and clean details. It turns out that the bed’s cream textured fabric pairs beautifully with the whisper white paint colour of the room. It’s inviting, yet classic and modern.

To put even more emphasis on the bed frame, I added an oak wood shelf above it. I had a hard time figuring out the decoration for this room as the main wall has a gap. It’s created by the foundation ending where the wall beings, but you can see it too clearly.  There is a 2-level wall all the way down this side of the room. Luckily the curtains hide a large part of it, but there was still the part above the headboard, which I had to hide or accentuate. And I’m very happy with the idea of ​​bringing it forward with a handmade wooden shelf. I bought the oak wood directly from Lowes and just glued, sanded and applied a matte finish to the wood, which I then applied to the ledge on that wall. Thanks to the curtain poles I found at Ikea, I was able to install them on the ceiling, so a little further from the wall than a standard curtain pole and therefore hide this defect in the wall.

I found second-hand solid wood frames here and there. I was able to create an accent wall at the end of the room and had my travel photos printed. A “hobby” of mine! I love remembering my travels and the memories they represent every time I walk past them. It’s a great way to pay tribute to our travels. To liven up the room, I added a few other decor accents like this rug and this accent chair.

Et voilà! All in all, I’m delighted with the look of this room and always appreciate learning new skills when doing a room makeover! The main reason for this transformation was to create a safe haven for my parents when they visit us, and I think it is mission accomplished!

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