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The countdown for our around the world trip has begun. My family and I will be leaving in less than a month for our round-the-world trip. We plan on traveling for 1 year with our kids. We aim to visit about 1 country per month, maximum 2…

The countdown has begun. My family and I will be leaving in less than a month for our round-the-world trip.

We plan on traveling for 1 year with our kids.

We aim to visit about 1 country per month, maximum 2, because we really wish to have a #SlowEverything #LivingInTheMoment world tour. Traveling in #SlowTravel mode is the best way to reach our goal.

Of course, we have our bucket list of countries we want to see, places in the world we want to discover with our kids, but we’re leaving for this trip without having planned out much.

We will book our accommodation and our transportation week by week, as we go along.

To truly have the freedom to go where and when we want to, will allow us to live fully in the moment—to go at our pace.

If one of us doesn’t feel so good (which is bound to happen, because even while traveling the world, we will still get colds, fevers, etc.—you know, #MomLife), we won’t have to be out and about if we don’t feel up to it. In the same way, if we fall in love with a place, we can decide to stay and enjoy it longer than originally planned.


Here’s what our round-the-world trip might look like:

  • France—Paris, to be more specific. This is where we will land, so it will be our first destination. We have visited Paris before, but with the kids it will be new and exciting. It is also there that my partner proposed. It will be nice to stroll down memory lane, all of us together. ?
  • 1 month in Spain
  • 1 month in Morocco
  • 1 month in Greece—where I will celebrate my 31stbirthday! ?
  • Then Turkey
  • We would also like to see Egypt and its pyramids
  • Sri Lanka for its #SlowEverything culture
  • Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Australia
  • Try the #VanLife in New Zealand
  • Chill out in French Polynesia
  • Then see Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar
  • And finally, check out Japan.

After all that, we’ll have just about reached the 1-year mark.

We’d also like to travel to Central and South America, but we’ll wait and see where we are budget-wise and how we feel after traveling that first year around the world.


We chose to book our accommodation and transportation for the first 3 destinations (Spain, Morocco, and Greece).


Since we kick off our round-the-world trip on July 4thand our first destinations are smack dab in tourist zones—during THE high season—it would have hit hard on our budget.

The first 3 countries we will visit are known to be more expensive than many other places in the world.

That means that accommodation is much more expensive and that the nicest spots go quickly because they are really sought out during the high season. We wanted to be on the “safe side”—to stay in comfortable and budget-friendly places—and to get off on the right foot.

In the same way, since we’ll be just starting our trip, and with two young kids (2 and 3 years old when we head off), we want to stack all the odds in our favour.

Having those few weeks of accommodation already booked saves us from dealing with that right off the bat. Anyway, we’ll have plenty of other things to adapt to with our new lifestyle for the coming year.

Booking week by week will take a bit of searching and planning time each day, which we wanted to avoid in the beginning of the trip.

However, booking in advance does come with some downsides, namely that we won’t be able to follow our (and the kids’) pace—we will always be “pushed” towards our next destination. But, for all the reasons mentioned above, we thought it was the best, most logical decision to start off our trip, especially since we’re leaving in the peak of the tourist season.

I’ll keep you posted if it was a good move … or not! Haha!

Have you traveled to Spain, Morocco or even Greece with children and in the peak tourist season? How did it go?

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