In British Columbia, being married is still very important (for younger couples as well as older couples). In Quebec, where I come from, being married is most of the time a thing of the past. Getting engaged is somewhat important, but what comes after, is far from being essential.

Obviously, western Canada as a different opinion on the subject (and it’s totally fine). In the past few months, I have been asked so many times ” Oh! But what’s your plan? When are you planning on getting married? ” I am so not used to this. The fact that people even ask questions about our status keeps on surprising me. Every single time, all I’m thinking is “Humm… a plan? What do you mean by plan? “ I strongly believe that when the time will be right, it will happen. It’s almost as if they need to put a label on our relationship; married.

We have been together for over 6 years and we haven’t had the occasion of getting engaged. My boyfriend and I have been through so much together, 3 years of long distance relationship, 2 moves 5000km away, to always be with one another. For us, it’s almost as if we were married. With or without a wedding band, with or without a ceremony. I am obviously excited to think that it will happen someday #YesPlease, but when, how and where that doesn’t matter.

Voilà! I am saying it out loud, for everyone who is feeling the same pressure as us: Don’t be stressed for us people, someday the time will be right!

So, next time I get asked; “ What’s your status? “ I’ll answer; “ Crazy in love!” Do I need to say more?

Do you often get asked about your status? Do you feel this useless pressure?


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