My family and I are leaving for a 1-year round the world trip

I am going traveling around the world for a full year with my family; my children will be 2 and 3 years old the day we leave for our round the world trip! 1 Year of traveling around the world with my babies.


I’m not joking here. hahahaHAHA ( I also think this is a crazy idea! )

While writing those lines I am overjoyed, but I am also super stressed about this whole project!

A crazy project. A true one. A project that I can feel in my bones. It means so much to us, it means living in the present moment #slowliving. A project for us, to think about us.


My boyfriend and I have always loved traveling. We’ve been together for over 12 years now and from the day we started dating, we’ve been obsessed with traveling.

Every year we would plan a trip or many trips somewhere. Whether it was a smaller or a bigger trip, every single time we would travel, it would make us want to travel more.

It’s one of our life goals.

We’re always super careful with how we spend our money, knowing that the more we save, the better we can travel.


I am the one who got my boyfriend excited about traveling.

From a young age, my parents took us all over America, whether it was by plane, car or even RV, every summer we would go traveling for many weeks with the whole family and sometimes during the winter too!

We would camp, or sleep in a hotel, or even stay over at people they knew, but they would take us everywhere and I loved that more than anything.

Those are my favorite memories.


My best friend (Hello Jojo! :D) would call that a positive impact from my younger days. We always try as adults to recreate the positive impacts we had in our life. Well, that’s what the expert says.

I am guessing that this small “seed” grew bigger! It probably comes from my younger days and from all those beautiful memories I have of those trips. Today, I try to recreate those moments with my own children. From the day I started working, I’ve been putting money aside for traveling.


We’ve decided to let go of everything for a full year. Just because.

Because life is too short, but also because you never know when it might end.

Because life deserves to be lived (I know it sounds cliché, but when you’re leaving everything behind to go traveling it makes total sense! )

We’ve decided to go for it.

Because if you were to ask me what my craziest dream is… well, this would be it. To travel the world with my family (and to make a living from blogging… and I am also working on this one! 😉 )

Because we love traveling, as often as possible and for as long as possible. Pretty much always!

Because we love meeting new people, exploring new places, new smells, new foods.

Because we love to understand better how other people live.

Because traveling allows us to do all that.


We would love for this round the world trip to be exploring new horizons and to have many memories to look back onto.

We would like to do WWoofing (working in exchange for a place to stay).

We will be sleeping in people’s houses (Whether it’s through AirBnb or any other platform).

We are planning on visiting one country per month.

We want to experience traveling slowly, enjoying living in the country and really feel all the feels this country has to offer. #SlowTravel

Obviously, I will be sharing my experience during this whole year, by writing blog posts, by vlogging, by sharing photos and videos on our social media platforms.


I know, it’s a tricky question!

No! We didn’t win a million dollar on our last lottery ticket. Haha (Although, I wish! )

We have been working towards saving money for our round the world trip for the past 2 years.

We have been saving every single penny that came our way and we made tight budgets to make it happen. We also changed our lifestyle of the past 2 years, to be more conscious about where we spend our money, some people would call that being “grano”. We sell whatever we aren’t using anymore, we buy used stuff, we try to make it happen with whatever we have on hand, AND we will also be using our RRSP for whatever money we may need during that year.

We see this as being retired for a year, before retirement! Hahah

Before we get too old and can’t walk normally anymore, or that our energy levels are low, plus we get to do it with our children.

We will also be working while being abroad, as both of our jobs can be done from a distance.

We are also planning on renting our home and both of our cars while traveling. (If you’re looking for a home located in Quebec City, with 3 bedrooms and a large backyard… ours will be available for rent in July 2019 and for a full year. Let me know! 😉 Hahaha)


In July of 2019, I will be leaving for a round the world trip with my little family. I will be exploring the world with my babies. I will be enjoying the present moment.

We can’t wait!

I will be sharing many blog posts before our departure, how we are getting ready, which country we are planning on visiting, as well as sharing our story while we are away, what we discovered and loved.

Let me know if you would like to know more about a specific subject, or if you have questions!

Feel free to comment below, I will be more than happy to answer all your questions, or to write a blog post on the subject! 😉

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