Meet Léa

I am Léa, the oldest sister. I would describe myself as social and creative. I adore everything that touches closely or remotely to mass communication. I am 28 years old and I have a cute one year old boy and I am pregnant with his little brother, due early august. I am in love with the man of my life; we have been together for the past 10 years. I Live in Quebec City, Canada.

Intuitive, artist from time to time, my eyes are always searching for what’s pretty, My heart always wants what’s real and my taste pallet always wants what’s good #foody. I Aaaadooore traveling and I aspire to travel more and more. I rely on second hand products to fill the material needs of my family, allowing us to save money and travel as much as possible. I really love reading, but need more time to dedicate to it. I officially hibernate during winter, but I practice yoga all year long #Namaste.

Every day, I try to anchor my family and myself in the present moment. I’m a strong believer of the #SlowLiving movement. I am, also, the kind of mom who breastfeed, who practice child porterage and who practiced BLW (baby-led-weaning).

I truly flourish in my role as a mom, but I totally assume my wild side. I want to accomplish my goals and my many projects. I pour my heart into everything I do and I would say that I like to do things my own way #ManageLead. I try to surround myself with inspiring people, to always push the boundaries and in this way, be a little inspiring as well #SparksAndBloom ;).


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