Hello! What is Sparks and Bloom?

We are two sisters from Quebec and we are currently both at the extremity of our beautiful country, Canada (nothing is stronger than the love for a man ;)). We created this blog to align and explore our individual strengths together, to eliminate the geographic barrier that separates us, and finally create a blog where all is possible. Beginning this blog was a way of sparking our talent and sharing it with you. #sparksandbloom Two sisters who simply hope to share our self to one another, and one to another. We can’t wait to share our ideas, recipes, tips and tricks, anecdotes about life, discoveries, thoughts, creations and our failures.

A blog without filter; where our authenticity is at the heart of it. We hope to inspire you in your day-to-day life at home, in your kitchen, while you travel, when you’re with your children…anytime, anywhere.

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