Five tips to enjoy your last moments before your move

I felt very emotional the day I left Montréal, for a ONE WAY TRIP(!!) to Vancouver. I still felt very peaceful knowing I had done everything I could to enjoy my last moments before my move.

And because, I also want you to feel as peaceful as possible, here are my five tips to enjoy your last moments before moving far far away.

But first, let’s begin with what you shouldn’t do! Here I am, finally made it to the airport. Tears are rolling down my cheeks, I am feeling a little bit emotionally torn, but I am still trying to put it together. I must make that flight! Obviously, I showed up at the airport with my two suitcases… OVERWEIGHT #PHOQUE! I tried really hard to fit it all in! Anyways the customer service agent couldn’t care less about my move, so I ended up on the floor of the airport bagging him to let me go with all my supplies #FAIL. You really don’t want to have to deal with your luggage on that special day!!

So, first step, always make sure to weigh your suitcase before getting on a plane. #JokeNoJoke

On that note, here is a small list of things you should do, to live a better “Goodbye”;


It’s very important to create good memories of your last moments in that city. Some days you will feel the nostalgia rising in you and those memories will help you get through those tough times.  That explains why I had two very festive weekends before my departure. Mostly with my girlfriends, we planned a wine tour in Montérégie, which was more than memorable.


I Believe, that a night out in your favourite spots is imperative. For my part, I did not skimp on my budget to go out one last time in my favourites places, always in good company.


No, weren’t in 1920 anymore, leaving your beloved family on this gigantic ship, wishing you could be back someday #Brooklyn. Today we have Facetime, Skype, Videotext even Instagram story to “see” one another! But it still is very important to enjoy your last human to human moments to tell them, in your owns words, how much you love them.


Keeping the focus on our next get together, really allowed me to rationalize this whole thing.


I knew I was going to be very fragile on D-day. Just thinking about the fact that I was going to take a one-way trip plane ride was tearing my heart apart. I know my weakness. I said my “see you next time” one person at a time, on a two week period. I couldn’t imagine having my family at the airport, I would have been torn. So I made an arrangement with a good friend of mine, for her to drop me off at the airport the day of. She is the same type as me, “no crying and everything will be fine”. I knew I could count on her. To make this moment easier and more beautiful for you, you have to find a partner that will help you get through. That way, the moment you walk in the airport, your number one priority is to hold on to your passport and walk straight towards that gate with a head up and a strong heart.

Did you ever have to live a heart breaking « goodbye »? Any tips on how to live serenely the last moments?

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