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Guadeloupe is a unique French island that offers breathtaking views. I must admit that this was quite a different trip from most of the island I have visited in the past, as they have a strong creole culture, but also because they speak French. Exploring Guadeloupe was a one of a kind experience!

We visit Guadeloupe for…

To relax!

There aren’t too many things to see in Guadeloupe. It’s a small island where relaxing is the main attraction! Keep in mind that you’re on island time, which means everything runs super smoothly.

There are also many gorgeous beaches to visit in Guadeloupe. Take some time for yourself, relax and read a book under a palm tree!

I quite liked it…

Driving around with the windows down, while looking for the nicest beach

As it is a very small island, it’s possible to drive around the whole island in a couple days. What we would often do, is get in the car, early morning, with no clue of where we wanted to go, and we would be looking for a “secret” beach. Hoping to find a quiet spot to lay and enjoy the day. When your only plans for the day are to chill… this is just perfect! #toughlife #vacationing

Our favorite beaches :

  • The Raisins Clairs beach, close to the La Plageà St-François restaurant;
  • The Clugny Ste-Rose beach. The beach was deserted, we were alone;
  • The Perle Deshaies beach, for the fun afternoon vibe;

Hiking La Soufrière volcano

It was my first time hiking a volcano and experiencing the altitude. I found it really hard on my body, mostly when 4 months pregnant. I was often out of breath, but it was totally worth the shot!

Admiring the sunrise on the east of the island

Pointe-des-châteaux is a very long and narrow piece of land in the ocean, which allows you to see 270 degrees around you (north, south, and east). It’s located at the end of the island. Enjoying the sunrise with my boyfriend at this location has been one of my favorite moments of our trip.

Pointe-À-Pitre’s downtown court

It’s a must! To admire the buildings and to attend the spice market. It’s also the perfect time to enjoy lunch at one of my favorite coffee shop Le petit jardin. Plus, the owner is a cool dude.

Sleeping in a tree house in the middle of the tropical forest

We spend 2 nights at the Jardin des colibris in Deshaies. It was an unforgettable experience to wake to the sound of the birds and to shower in nature. We even went for a professional massage in the middle of the tropical forest. It was so relaxing!

Breathtaking views

I’ve seen so many breathtaking views while visiting Guadeloupe. While driving in-between the ocean and the stiff cliff, you can admire the white sanded beaches or even black sanded beaches far behind. Seeing the volcano, the mountains, the large fields, it was so pretty. I highly recommend renting a car to adventure in some of Guadeloupe’s most beautiful places!

What I liked the least…

The currency

Keep in mind while traveling to Guadeloupe, that Euro is their currency, which is far from being profitable for us.


There are currently a lot of seaweeds in the ocean on the south of the island (March 2018). It didn’t look as nice!

The people…

People are rarely welcoming. I would say that most of the time they are pretty nonchalant. We don’t always feel like we’re welcomed. Luckily, we met a couple of persons during our trip that were super nice to us! 🙂

Restaurant’s opening hours

That’s a tough one! Some restaurants are closed on Friday, while others are closed on Saturday for no reason. We would often show up at restaurants we had looked up on TripAdvisor or recommended by a local that would be closed for the day!

Even though we had a couple of hiccups during our trip, we have so many beautiful memories to look back onto. After all, it was our last trip just the 2 of us. 😉 #MomToBe

Guadeloupe, you are beautiful.

My favorite places :

The colibris garden, Deshaies :

The Métis café, St-François :

Pizzeria PAM, Deshaies :

Gelato & Cappuccino Maitre Glacier, Ste-Anne :

Restaurant La Plage, St-François :

La maison du Cacao, Pointe-Noire :

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