What if my eczema was caused by commercial products?

You probably saw in my instastories @Sparks and Bloom, that I have skin problems on my hands. It looks similar to eczema, but even though I have tried every eczema cream on the market; steroid cream, moisturizer, this or that cream, I always end up with the same result. Nothing seems to be working and unfortunately, it has been like that for a while now. I know that sometimes it can be related to stress or even to my diet.  But let’s be honest, if I had been this stressed in the past 3 years, I am pretty sure my stress level would not have been exactly the same every single day. And same for my diet, I haven’t been eating the same thing every day for the past 3 years. It would have been absurd. On the other hand, I also tried eliminating some type of food out of my diet to see if my eczema would go away. But again, nothing seems to be working…

Now I am wondering if my skin problems could be related to the commercial products I use for myself and for my home.

So, I started reading the long list of ingredients that those products are often made of. Simply think of your dish soap, hand soap, shampoo, etc.… You know the products you use every single day. What are they made of?

So, I decided to pick random ingredients in the different list to google them. Let’s say it was not enjoyable to read.

I am currently overlooking every product that I buy and use in my home. I believe I need to make changes for the better.

So, I have slowly started evolving. I now use an all-natural handmade soap and shampoo bar. Knowing that I can read and understand every ingredient makes me feel better. I also wear gloves every time I do the dishes so that my hands are not in contact with the dish soap.

I am now patiently waiting to see if my eczema will slow down.

Are my skin problems related to the commercial products I use in my home? I guess I will soon find out!

Do you have eczema? What did you do to heal from it?

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