Barcelona with kids; where to eat and what you should know for an awesome family trip in the city!

Barcelona has a special place in my heart! And this second visit only confirms how much I love this city! There is so much to do that I always wish I could have stayed a few days longer on each of my visits—which makes it more than a week! To find out everything else you need to know about Barcelona, it’s here.

I can also confirm that Barcelona is an excellent place for both families and couples. This city is really #FamilyFriendly and #StrollerFriendly!

With my two young boys and my hubby by my side, we wandered around the city of Barcelona and went on an adventure in a small part of the nature surrounding it. To find out what activities we did as a family in Barcelona, it’s here. ?

Here are our favourite restaurants and what you need to know for a perfect holiday in Barcelona with your family!


First of all, here is interesting information about the city of Barcelona when visiting the place with a young family.

In all streets, on all major arteries, the sidewalks were stroller-friendly: there were curb drops EVERYWHERE—and we walked for hours! —EVERYWHERE! So no problem for small families who like to walk, the city of Barcelona is designed for active parents!

Most activities are accessible to people with reduced mobility, which means it’s perfect for families with strollers too. Here’s a trick: if you have toddlers, I suggest getting information from their website before visiting a site. They are usually very transparent about whether or not their site is adapted to people with reduced mobility.

Fun fact, there are tons of playgrounds in Barcelona with swings and slides—like everywhere else in Spain. Your little ones will be pooped out for sure! ?

Finally, the Spaniards are usually very nice with children and very patient. Even when your two-year-old toddler cries and scream for lack of sleep or when your three-year-old runs around like a crazy animal. #RealLife


You know me, as the real #Foodie I am, I couldn’t miss sharing with you my favourite meals in Barcelona.

We went to relax at the Lokal bar, which is one of the best low-budget restaurants in Barcelona, according to Trip Advisor. The place is charming, welcoming, and far from touristy streets—exactly what we were looking for. You have to try their fried squid and duck pasta.

On another evening we felt like having a low budget dinner, and we went for a pizza from Pizza Pazza. The restaurant is located near the Plaça del Duc de Medinaceli in Barcelona. We ate it while looking out at sea, at the port of Barcelona. While we were finishing eating, the little ones were able to move a bit by running after the seagulls—everyone was happy. ?

We also really liked the Oizy Dumpling Bar. As its name suggests, their specialties are dumplings. We ordered four trays of different kinds and fought over the last one! Yep, we’re a #foodyfamily Haha. Served steamed or grilled, and made in front of us, these dumplings are colourful and tasty. You won’t leave disappointed, as it’s worth visiting!

And finally, a special mention should be made to the Tapa Tapa Maremàgnum restaurant, with its magnificent view on the Mediterranean Sea and the port of Barcelona. We were able to taste a lot of little tapas. We loved the mussel dish, their semi-cooked chocolate dessert and their lime gelato.


For this family trip to Barcelona, we stayed at the Hotel Canton. Exceptionally well located in the city, by the sea, on the edge of the Gothic Quarter and near the port, we could not have asked for more. We booked a room with three single beds and asked for a baby bed. The hotel has an elevator, plus a ramp, up front, to easily get in and out of the hotel with your stroller. Cool fact, the hotel has a room on the ground floor with some toys, books and games. They also serve breakfast at the hotel, but we preferred buying our food at grocery stores and coffee shops near the hotel.


We ended up taking a taxi from Barcelona airport to get to our hotel near the Port of Barcelona, which cost us 40 euros. I say, “We ended up taking a taxi,” because at the beginning we had planned on taking public transport to get to our hotel. But that was before we realized that we had lost a VERY important piece of our stroller, which meant that it could no longer be transformed into a double stroller. In short, because of this little glitch, we could no longer travel with our two little ones in the subways.

Also, if you want to travel easily through Barcelona, there’s nothing better than the tourist bus Hop on/off offered by the city. A big plus, this one is 100% #StrollerFriendly. By going through the large double back door, you don’t even have to fold the stroller. Plus, it’s free for children under four years old.

As I told you earlier, it’s easy to get around Barcelona by foot, but keep in mind that it still is a very large city. The Hop-on-Hop-off bus remains an excellent solution to visit the city in a #FamilyFriendly way.

This is it guys! Now, you know more about our trip to Barcelona and everything we loved doing in that city as a family with toddlers!

Finally, if you’re looking for any information about the city of Barcelona, whether it’s for activity ideas, information and attractions to do in Barcelona, you can visit their website.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments!

** Some activities and overnight stays were offered to us by Tourism Barcelona. However, all opinions expressed remain ours and are always 100% authentic, in order to inspire each and every one of us in our day-to-day lives. The Sparks and Bloom sisters swear by this!

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