8 things to do in Kauai, Hawaii

I was recently telling you about my trip to Kauai Island, which was quite an amazing place to visit. As I said, it’s one of the best islands to explore in Hawaii as there are so many things to do and it’s less touristy than on the other islands.

Find out more about everything I did while visiting Kauai here. It’s such a magnificent and wonderful island!


Do a small road trip to the Spouting Horn, a big blowhole, created by the ocean. The waves go under the lava shelf which creates the blowhole. Enjoy the view and relax, that takes about 10 minutes, if you’re up for a longer stay, try to get there at the end of the day to watch the sunset!


We had such a good time Kayaking on the Wailua River, it’s one of my favorite memories of our trip to Hawaii. You’re surrounded by the tropical forest, which looks like you’re living in a fairy tale, and you’re floating over this deep green river. It felt like we were in Indiana Jones the movie, not exaggerating #lol! Enjoy the scenery of the tall mountains and don’t forget to bring a hat as it gets really hot and sunny


Ah… Secret Fall can be really secret and can from time to time not even exists, it’s that secret. It was our running gag! Depending on the time of the day you go to the fall there can be no water at all. No water means no fall. When we finally arrived, we found out that there was no water in the fall as there hasn’t been any rain the day before. We had planned to have a picnic by the fall and to enjoy the view. We ended up eating by a tall rock wall and a few chickens. Yes! Anywhere you go, even in the middle of the forest there are chickens! We enjoyed hiking up to the fall, crossing the narrow river, and admiring the large trees in the forest.

I recommend visiting the secret fall, even if you don’t get to see the fall that day, I am pretty sure you will enjoy the hike. And if you get to see the fall, please send me pictures, I would really like to know what it looks like


This is the thing you probably shouldn’t do in Kauai. Why?! It’s very touristy, you don’t get to see much of the cave and there are way too many tourists around. Not worth it!


You definitely have to see Waimea Canyon State Park! It’s stunning, made of unique landscapes, breathtaking colours, and a grandiose scenic view that will take your breath away! The best way to see it is to drive up along the Waimea Canyon Drive (Road 550). Make sure to stop a million times, just like I did, to enjoy the scenery at the many lookouts. The road is 16 km long.

If you take this route to go up to Waimea Canyon Park (there is also another route you can take) you will get to see the Red Dirt Falls, which are very beautiful. Waimea Canyon Drive is known to have the most beautiful scenery of the two.

Once you get to the top, which is at 5200 feet above the sea level, you will then find yourself at Koke’e State Park. It took us 3 hours to get up to the park, that’s when counting the many stops, we did along the way to snap photos, enjoy the view, and to have a picnic. We made it back down in about 1 hour.


We visited Koloa Rum Co. for a rum tasting, I didn’t try any as I was pregnant with Téo. Tastings are offered daily at the plantation, make sure to have a look at their schedule

We always bring alcohol back when traveling, it reminds us of our trip once we’re back home. We brought back a coffee flavored rum from the Koloa Rum Co.


That was a very impulsive decision, but it was a good one… One we will forever remember. You have to book a helicopter tour if you can afford it. During a sunny afternoon, we flew over Kauai with Jack Harter Helicopters. It’s a little bit pricey at $580 for 2 persons, but it’s so worth it. The best activity we did in Hawaii, hands down. I know you want to!!

We flew over Kauai for an hour and saw the canyons, the ocean, the mountains, and the sea cliffs. We saw everything from above and got to admire Kauai’s natural landscape. Plus, it was a helicopter with no doors which made the trip even more amazing. Completely breathtaking! You get to listen to music in your big headphones while flying over Kauai as you have to be in contact, at all time, with the pilot. I still remember flying over, how amazed I was by it all, I kept on having shivers going through my body. What a unique experience!


How can I say this? It was the second highlight of our trip. Sorry, but again, you can’t miss this even if it costs an arm and a leg. Say goodbye to $285 for 2.

But hello incredible view and Jurassic Park like mountains!

Early in the morning, we headed to the fishing port to hop on a boat to the Na Pali Coast. We enjoyed the ride; soaking up the sun, feeling the wind on our face, dolphins following us, it was just perfect. On the way up we visited many caves, we stopped to do snorkeling, swimming and to have lunch. When we finally arrived at the Na Pali Coast, we chilled, enjoyed the view and then we went back. We left at 8:30 AM and got back at 2:00 PM, it makes for a pretty long day on the boat. It’s worth your time and your money!

To find out more about my trip to Hawaii, have a read at my post about Oahu island and for a complete tour of Kauai island read this post.

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