4 weeks under the Spanish sun; Our around the globe family trip itinerary

Spain was our first destination for our big adventure around the globe as a family, and it was good to us. One month of travelling with the family on Spain’s east coast in July 2019, where we visited more than 7 cities.

From Barcelona to Vall de Nuria, via Valencia, then Almeria, Granada and finally Malaga, we were able, as the foodies we are, to savour this country—in every sense of the word—the Spanish culture during these four weeks.

So here’s our family trip itinerary to Spain, with our favourite things to see there.


Barcelona … my love! What a beautiful city! I say it again and again! It’s a big city, but such a charming one!

Barcelona is THE city for tapas, amazing artworks, beautiful beaches and colourful architecture!

I strongly recommend visiting Barcelona! It can be visited as a family or as a couple—or even alone. Read my blog posts to know everything about the city of Barcelona and to read about what to see and to do in Barcelona.


What an enchanting place! It’s as if you were transported into an imaginary world. There’s something magical about its vibe.

Vall de Nuria is nestled in the heart of a valley, which is at the top of a mountain, peaking at more than 3000 metres in elevation. Air is pure, and the lake is crystal clear with fish jumping in and out of the water. You can see animals wandering around the lake. Vall de Nuria is the perfect destination for hiking, fishing, swimming or just living in the moment, whether you’re with your family or with friends. You can learn more about Vall de Nuria right here.


No one mentioned visiting Valencia. People said there was “nothing” to see there… or they simply didn’t know it existed. But I trusted my instincts, and we had a lovely week there.

Whether you’re travelling as a family or as a couple, Valencia has much to offer! You can enjoy gorgeous beaches with warm water, the Turia Gardens with its five miles of trails, you can eat the best paella of your life (it’s where it was invented) or visit the extraordinary City of Arts and Sciences (CAC). To know everything about our stay in Valencia, it’s here.


Almeria is a beautiful city of transit. Obviously, there’s the magnificent fortress of Alcazaba, a must-see during the sunset! There’s also a beautiful beach in the city, as well as the Cabo de Gata national park in the surroundings, which is worth the visit if you like nature! For more details about Almeria, it’s here.


Granada is the city of flamenco, free tapas when you buy a drink, breathtaking monuments to see such as the Alhambra and its Generalife, as well as the Malaga Cathedral and the Royal Chapel.

This city also has several beautiful districts that are very different from each other, such as the Arabic Albacin District, the gypsy district of Sacromonte, and the Realejo-San Matias District.

However, Granada was for us the least #FamilyFriendly city in Spain. Almost impossible to walk with a stroller, the city is on the mountainside so there are a lot of hills and stairs and we didn’t see any children’s park during our walks.


Like many places in Spain, Malaga is no exception; its fortress and castle, the Gibralfaro, are worth a visit. You can also find a couple of beaches around the city, but they weren’t the most beautiful.

Downtown Malaga—the “Centro” is a pleasant place to walk with the “Palm Garden of Surprises” Palmeral de Las Sorpresas that borders the sea. Plus, the marble pedestrian streets of Old Malaga will undoubtedly catch the apple of your eye!

You can also hike the impressive Nerja Caves in the Malaga region … and literally find yourself underground.

That’s it for our one-month road trip to Spain during our around the globe family trip.

So, what are you waiting for to hop on a flight to Spain??

I hope I made you want to visit this country and enjoy it with your kids.

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions!

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