Ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come! Come on out, enjoy your patio, lounge, get all that vitamin D you have been craving for months! It almost feels like a big event each time we get a chance to set foot outside without having to wear rain boots!

Here, we are celebrating summer with this tasty lemon and gin soda!

Have you ever heard about Nude’s sodas? They have been around for a few years now. They first launched sugar free, sweetener free and gluten free flavored vodka sodas with only 100 calories. Yes! You heard that right! That means you get to enjoy a delightful soda without filling yourself up with tons of sugar. We appreciate the effort! Actually, if you get the chance to try out their strawberry and kiwi vodka soda or even the peach one, you should go for it!

And then…

For the gin and tonic lovers. Yes, you… And me! They just launched their first gin soda, with only 100 calories and all the same features as its Vodka soda, so sugar free, sweetener free and gluten free! A can of soda filled with happiness!

Their gin soda is sparkly, light with a perfect hint of lemon. It’s the perfect drink to lounge on your patio, at the beach or even to bring on your next picnic adventure.

Nude’s vodka and gin sodas are available in most liquor stores across British Columbia and Alberta. Plus, if you live in Quebec, the SAQ will be carrying the cucumber and mint vodka soda just in time for summer! To find out more about where to buy Nude’s sodas, visit their website.

What’s your go-to drink on the patio to enjoy the first rays of sunlight of the summer?

** Nude’s gin sodas were gifted to us by Nude. However, all opinions are ours and are 100% authentic as a way to inspire each and every one in our day-to-day lives. The Sparks and Bloom sisters swear by this!


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