I am Sacha, 28 years old and I live in Vancouver with my lovely husband. I am slowly getting used to this beautiful and grandiose city, Vancouver. I hope you discover this city through my young and recently arrived eyes. I am a very active person, I like to move, hike and explore the outside world. I think I might rapidly get used to Vancouver’s occasional snow free winter! #SorryQuebec

I am passionate about graphic design, cooking, fashion and everything handmade. I like to express myself through my creativity. This is mainly why I studied for six years in fashion design. Which lead me to work as a designer for a Montreal based lingerie company. I am currently working as an apparel designer for a newer company based in Vancouver.

I adore taking my time to cook #WithAGlassOfWine, try new ingredients, test new recipes and experience new restaurants. You got it, I am a #Foodie.

I have always been very conscious of how I spend my money. I would describe myself as a resourceful person, I love trying to give a second life to old objects.

I feel like this new chapter of my life, here in Vancouver and with you on this blog, will bring me great challenges. Another adventure begins, a new chapter being written. #CheersToNewBeginnings

Sacha xx

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