La Gaspésienne 51 ; your go-to restaurant in Quebec City

Oh my God. It was so good, it was refreshing, it was well seasoned and meticulously presented. Now you know it all! Haha!

I live in Vancouver, where the ocean meets the land and let me tell you that I have eaten more than a few fish dishes in my days. I know more than anyone else how to recognize a good seafood restaurant when I see one. La Gaspésienne 51 is now proudly on our favorite restaurant list!


The cozy and Gaspé inspired décor make this the perfect restaurant for a night out with your friends or even with your better half. We like the dimmed lighting and the cozy overall feel of the restaurant. So much that Léa and I stayed there for over 3 hours, talking about nothing and everything!


We totally fell for this family company. The parents of the owner of La Gaspésienne 51 actually own many fishing boats in Gaspé as well as 3 fish shops around the province of Quebec. They know their art and they sure know a lot about fresh fish.  La Gaspésienne 51 has a direct access to her parents’s freshly caught fish which are immediately sent to her restaurant in Quebec City.


Are you well seated? Well, we were! Haha! We began the evening with a delightful cocktail called La mer à boire which was created with a gin made in Gaspé with wild mushrooms. We then shared their appetizer for two, a large plank filled with fresh seafood. We ate raw marinated scallops, smoked tuna ( in-house, at La Gaspésienne 51), a homemade salmon paté as well as marinated clams from Gaspé. It was to die for, so good that it was melting in our mouth. Our favorite dish of the night was the handmade gnocchi served with lobster, butternut squash and crispy parsnip. As you may know, we have a large appetite, we also went for dessert. A pumpkin crème brulée and a handmade cream puff served with wild cherries.

Useless to tell you that we will be going back. Actually, my in-laws adore seafood and they will be coming over during Christmas time to celebrate our wedding and I will for sure tell them to visit La Gaspésienne 51 for a romantic dinner date!

I know they will love it and you will too!

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