I love trying new products and reviewing them. You know…. Is it worth the price? How is the quality of the product?

I finally tried the famous Benefit They’re Real mascara that gives you perfect lashes, so they say! I bought the mini size sold at Sephora because, for me, it’s enough to know if it fits. I used the mini mascara for a full month, which is good considering its tiny size.


It definitely works for me! When I apply the mascara, my lashes are 50% longer. I even took a picture with the mascara on one eye and nothing on the other to show you the difference.

What I love the most is the brush tip; it separates your lashes perfectly without using a diaper pin. #WhatIusetoseparatemylashes #LOL

It’s quick and easy to apply. No need to put several coats, you have perfect lashes the first time.


Well, good question! Benefit They’re Real’s mini mascara retails for $17 and the regular size retails for $33.

Overall, it’s pretty expensive, thinking I could have bought a regular size L’Oréal mascara for the price of the Benefit They’re Real mini.

However, Benefit They’re Real’s specially designed brush with its rounded tip makes it easier to apply than most mascaras I have tried before which for me reflects its quality.


Definitely, if you can afford it. The mascara is really good. My lashes look longer without being too thick and too voluminous which I love. It gives me a natural look!

Without a doubt you can buy the Benefit They’re Real mascara whether online at Sephora or during your next visit in store.

Did you like Benefit They’re Real’s mascara?

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Charlène Bessenay
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