My first year in Vancouver

There it is, it has now been a year since I moved my life 5000 km away from home to be with the boyfriend. A year that seemed so uncertain and that was filled with challenges… big challenges. Finding a home, finding a job, launching a blog, making new friends, creating a new routine and a brand-new life. Because that’s pretty much what that was after all.

Constats d'une première année à Vancouver | Sparks and Bloom

I often made it look like it was easy and that I wasn’t stressed out about this move because I really love the adventure. But that was more than an adventure that was almost too much. From time to time, I got scared, more like really scared. Remember the last time I tried to move to Vancouver and that it ended up a couple months later with my return in Montreal? Yes, that time…

I had already failed once, was I going to be successful the second time around? Am I made for this kind of life? The only way to find out is by trying, right? So, I took all the courage that I ever had, and I jumped right in.


Every day, I am getting used to this new life. Every moment away from my family is making me stronger.

When you move this far away from home and that you leave your whole life behind all you’re left with is yourself and your bf.  It’s at that moment that you have no other choice, but to look deeply into your soul and to ask yourself; who you really are. And that’s not an easy thing to do.

It also gave me the chance, to create this new life while being mindful of the mistakes I had done in the past.

Constats d'une première année à Vancouver | Sparks and Bloom

While in your day-to-day life, you don’t have time to take a step back and to analyze. When you move this far or should I when you erase your life and start from scratch, you see everything from a different perspective. You build your life on what you are now, not what you were at 5 years old.

It’s also learning to live one day at a time. The first year, you have absolutely no clue of what will happen to you. Talking about the future can sometimes be scary and somehow discouraging. You see everybody around you make future plans when you’re trying to restart from scratch. Everything you knew, has been flushed down the drain.


As I said, I was really scared of this move, of this new life. Probably because I knew a little too much what I was getting into. But if only you knew my sister. If I didn’t have you, I would probably be moving back to Quebec for a 2nd time #Lol. With all my heart, this blog really helps me stay afloat. It lights up my days, that’s where I have fun and that’s where I bloom ;). On this blog there are no boundaries, we are all united together wherever we live in this world and I am so grateful for that. THANK YOU for being here with us! <3

Yes, I admit it you helped me survive this move. I quickly realized that I wasn’t made to live 5000Km away from my family. If it wasn’t for the boyfriend, I would never plan to live a lifetime here. I applause people that follow their career where ever it leads them, but man that’s not me. It’s something to go traveling for 6 months and knowing you will be coming back home after all. It’s something else planning a lifetime away from home.


My English got much better, I didn’t have much of a choice #YesNoToaster ! I made new friends and met new people. I discovered new spots and new restaurants. I quite like the west coast lifestyle, which is so different from the east coast lifestyle!

Should I have been this scared of moving? Not at all, I probably got traumatized from the first move 😉 ! Honestly, it was easier than I thought.

This move thought me something big, something I never thought would have happened. Alone, I really got to know who I was, who this person hidden inside of me really wants. And that’s worth a lot!

Have you ever gone through a tough time in your life where you got to know yourself better?

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