Written by : Cynthia Beaudry, mom

I have listed my favorite hiking trails near Quebec City. As some of these places are a little bit far from Quebec City, it’s the perfect time to plan for a picnic with your children to create an unforgettable adventure.

As a bonus, I have created a homemade index for each park of the amenities and the services.

Stroller friendly
Picnic space available
On-site or nearby restaurant
Admitted dogs
Paid Park (admission or parking)

This summer, you must visit the Canyon Ste-Anne. It’s a little bit more expensive than the other places I am suggesting below, but the view is breathtaking. There are 3 hanging bridges for your children to enjoy which all have great views of the waterfall and the canyon. The canyon also offers a virtual quest that children can carry out during the journey (it will for sure motivate them to do the whole tour). The canyon is a member of the program Kéroul Accessible Road, therefore, a large part of the tour is wheelchair accessible. It’s a great place to be!

You may be familiar with the Jacques Cartier Park, which is a great park that offers a number of different level courses for your kids to enjoy. There are so many course options that you can go around many times without ever taking the same path. The landscapes also vary, you can sometimes be along the river, or in the forest. However, it’s important to note that dogs are not allowed in this park. Some of the Sépaq parks (including Jacques-Cartier) now offer a free app (L’Explorateur Parc Parcours). The app is great to educate you about the fauna, the flora and other aspects of the trail while exploring the park. Family adventures can also be educational!

The Dansereau cycling trail runs along the Jacques-Cartier River between Pont-Rouge and Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier. It has 5 stopovers with different perspectives of the river and its surrounding areas.

Yes! The 7 Falls park in St-Georges-de-Beauce, not the one in Shawinigan! It’s basically just like Central Park but in St-Georges-de-Beauce! There are 7 falls within the park. The cycling trail of the Jarrets Noirscrosses the park, which gives you easy access to the park with your stroller. On the other hand, the trails that take you to the falls are more difficult to access with strollers. Make sure you opt for the best transportation option for your baby depending on your capabilities.

Domaine du Radar is located in St-Sylvestre de Beauce and it used to be a military base. The domain is located on a high mountain and it was built in the 1950s in fear of the Russian invasion. The views from the domain, of the region’s landscape, are magnificent. Your children will certainly enjoy the big bunker at the top of the mountain while imagining all sorts of stories. Trails are not designed for strollers or carts. Make sure you consider other options to carry your little one.

The Vallée du Bras-du-Nord is located near Quebec city. Just like the Jacques-Cartier Park, it offers many courses levels for your kids to enjoy and for you as well, as there are many stunning points of view. One of the easy course is along the river and ends by the Delaney fall, which is very impressive to see.

This large garden is the perfect place to enjoy a long walk and a picnic with your little ones. It’s located in the Beauce, in the town of St-Sévérin. Some people compare those gardens to the Greek or Italian gardens as they are so stunning.

I hope this inspires you to get outside and to explore your surroundings with your family this summer. What are your favorite parks to go to around Quebec City?

Happy summer time!


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