DEUX cosmétiques; All-natural products to die for!

You must know that before writing or talking about any products, Léa and I do a lot of research. Like a lot, we test the products for a little while and note what we like and dislike, before recommending it to you.

After many weeks of testing DEUX cosmétiques’s products, we are finally presenting to you what we thought of them! To be honest, we couldn’t wait to tell you more about this amazing company. 😉


I’ve read a ton before testing out DEUX Cosmétiques’s products. Knowing I had had such a tough year with my skin, I didn’t want to try a new product and ruin all my efforts. It didn’t take much to convince me to try them out when I first read the ingredients list. The kind of ingredients I can find in my garden! And the best in all that is that all the ingredients are environmentally friendly!

DEUX cosmétique’s products changed my perception of natural products. I totally fell in love with this small Quebec based company and its owner.

Rosemary and vitamin e body butter

At the moment I opened the jar, I was amazed. I can hardly explain how good it smells. It’s a mix of fresh rosemary and calm (I know that smells like nothing), but it’s a very enjoyable scent. This body butter is super easy to use as it is whipped, and your skin instantly absorbs it.

Charcoal and salt soap

At the same time as I was testing the body butter, I was also testing this Charcoal and salt soap. I really liked this soap as it has small pieces of Epsom salt that exfoliate your skin, giving it a super smooth texture and fresh appearance.

Papaya and aloes bi-phase serum

I took me a couple of days before deciding to test this one out. At first, mostly because I had a lot of acne lately. As my skin was healing and finally stabilizing again, I was unsure about testing a new product just in case things may go sideways. And the fact that it was a serum was making me even more unsure of testing it. I am the kind of girl that likes cream! After trying out this serum I have nothing but good words to say about DEUX cosmétique’s papaya and aloes bi-phase serum. It’s as if it gave my skin this little boost of energy, it needed to heal from my acne. My skin’s texture is now smooth, radiant and always hydrated. Which it wasn’t when I was using most of my facial creams. Since I have been using the serum, the damage done to my skin has been healing day-by-day. DEUX cosmétique’s papaya and aloes bi-phase serum is now my favorite skin care product of the moment!


As soon as we gave DEUX cosmétique’s products a try Sacha and I were sold! They are really incredible!

Coconut and pineapple body scrub

The first thing that came to mind when trying out (and reading the ingredient list of ) this body scrub was: “Wow, finally a product made with natural ingredients that feels and smells natural so much that I could almost eat it (if it was edible). I know that sounds weird, but you can literally see the pieces of coconuts and pineapples in the jar. It’s super easy to use in the shower and as a result, your skin is exfoliated and hydrated (all that while smelling heavenly good!). This product or a day at the beach on the sand, somewhere up south feels pretty much the same!

Apricot and camelina biophase serum

Where to start? At first, you feel a little bit surprised by the unusual sent similar to carrot (but don’t worry, the smell goes away). When I first applied the product, I thought it was a little bit oily knowing I have an oily skin. But after all, RE-WOW. DEUX cosmétique’s apricot and camelina biophase serum was absorbed nicely by my skin LEAVING IT HYDRATED BUT NOT OILY. It has been a long time since my skin absorbed this quickly a skin care product.

100% OLIVE soap

And what about this soap! It’s made of 100% saponified olive oil. That my friend that was the “list of ingredients” the single ingredient. Just that amaze me! I suffer from eczema and showering every day and washing my hand is always something scary for me as my hands are cracking. Sometimes I feel like it’s due to the long list of unknown ingredients that I use in my day-to-day life. I have tried a lot of soaps in my days to try to find the one that would be gentle for my hands. And I can affirm that DEUX Cosmétiques’s 100% Olive soap made it to my top 2 best soaps!

It’s such an amazing company. Here, the sisters use DEUX Cosmétiques every day! Now it’s up to you!

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Re-PsssT! In a couple days (on April 17th) Florence will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise capital to change her soap packaging for handmade paper with flower seeds. As these changes require a massive investment, she will need our help!! Follow her Facebook page to help her make those beautiful changes for our planet.

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