The best stocking stuffer gift idea for her

As the years go by, the boyfriend and I always try to cut down on Christmas gifts. We much rather spend a lot of money on a good night out than on an object. But there is this one thing that we just can’t cut on and it’s our Christmas stocking. I am not talking here about a stack of 1$ items… which is also fun to receive, but about a good quality Christmas stocking.

Let’s say that the first year the boyfriend and I exchanged our stockings, I was a little bit ashamed. In my family, almost everything that’s in your stoking comes from the dollar store. Not in his #hahah !

Over the years I have learned to enjoy a high-quality Christmas stocking, so here are the best stocking stuffer gift idea for her. Make sure to send your boyfriend a copy of this list, so you don’t find him browsing every aisle at the dollar store! You know, it’s all about quality, not quantity! 😉 #eek

This one is a must. I love how simple things can make a big difference. It’s nice to forget about your usual pharmacy soap and enjoy a little bit of all natural cocooning in the shower. I currently love these all natural soap from Ativo, plus they are handmade in Vancouver.

What about a nice body lotion in your stocking? It’s always super useful plus it makes you smell good! Like what can go wrong? I really like The Body Shop’s body lotion or also Lush’s body lotion.

One thing that I deeply love and that often breaks my wallet #lol, is the handmade candle. It’s one of the things that I love to receive as a gift and that I also often give in return. Last year, I received a Vancouver Candle co. that I really enjoyed. This year, while visiting the Etsy Vancouver market, I fell in love with the Brand and Iron candle. I love their minimal look and how good they smell, these are definitely making their way into my personal stocking #TreatYourself.

For the business woman or even the one that likes to take notes, a notebook is always a good idea. Who doesn’t like to write a to-do-list for their boyfriends 😉 ?  Offered with your favorite pen of the moment, you will be taking notes my dear, that’s a sure thing ;)!

Of course, chocolate is a must! But forget about the 67cents tasty cardboard chocolate bar. No no, we want the good stuff! And by good stuff, I mean a can of chocolate fondue or a chocolate bar from Chocolat Favoris. Well, here the sisters still can’t get enough #NumNum !


For the cooking lovers, there is nothing better than receiving good quality kitchen tool in your stocking. It could be a fancy spatula or even a nice mug. There is always going to be a little bit of room for a kitchen tool in her Christmas stocking.


Lastly, the gift card. It can add value to a Christmas stocking or simply because you’re out of ideas. Make sure to get a gift card from her favorite store, it will make her happy!

I always find it super stressful to offer gifts to the people that I love. I always keep in mind that if I would like to receive it, my friend, my sister or even my mother in- law will probably enjoy the gift as well!

Happy Holiday season!

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