A few of our favorites – August

We really love trying new products, tasting new flavors and living new experiences. One thing we really like is to find out more about the company that creates these products or that offer those services.

This month, we are talking to you about an artist from Quebec that creates ready-to-wear art, as well as one of our favorite apps to create beautiful Instastories, plus an awesome Ice cream shop in Quebec City.

Every month, Sacha and I will be sharing our thoughts about a few of our favorites. If you feel like reading more about our favorite’s products each month, have a read at July’s favorites and May’s favorites!

Here are a few of our favorites of August!


La Dérivée’s artistic products

A couple of years ago, I was calling Montréal my home. When the artist, Christine Comeau, behind La Dérivée approached us to tell us more about her products, I just couldn’t refuse. Her art touches me deeply, as it represents Montreal in many different ways. What I like the most about her creations is the bright touches of colours. From far, you couldn’t tell what’s actually happening in the picture, until you’re very close to the products. That’s when all the little details are revealed.

I proudly show the Contemplation pillow that I received in my guest bedroom. The pillow is made of a very soft duvet and you can see far behind the Old Port of Montréal. I also carry around my note pad Solitude, in which I write down my to-do lists for our blog as well as for Elles communication, our other company. I also like the Halte nomade pillow or even the Impression sur le lac pillow. To find out more about La Dérivée’s creation visit her website!

Creative Instastories with the StoryArt app

You probably saw recently that a lot of bloggers are showing off beautifully made Instastories. They have the perfect background and the perfect font to match the picture. Well, know that you can also share beautiful Instastories with the StoryArt app. I gave it a try when I show you my wedding dress shopping. I found the app very easy to use, plus it’s free! I hope this will inspire you to create beautiful Instastories for your friends!


If you haven’t had the chance yet to try out the Crime Puff Ice Cream store in Quebec City, there are still a couple weeks left for you to do so. The Ice cream shop is located below the Pat Rétro dinner and only one block away from the Maguire avenue in Quebec City. The ice creams are to die for, so pretty and original!

Luckily, I got to try many flavors when visiting the Crime Puff Ice Cream store for a press event with the blog. I was blown away by the ice cream and the decor, I highly recommend it!

Alterna haircare’s Caviar shampoo and conditioner

Every single time I use the Caviar shampoo and conditioner, my hair has such a nice texture, I love it!

As the name says, Alterna haircare’s Caviar products are made with many natural ingredients. Some of these ingredients feature many of the caviar’s most renown properties.

I received these products for free as part of a media package, but I know you can find them at Wal-Mart. I will for sure be buying more when I go back to the store (as my bottle is almost empty). They also offer many other hair care products!

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