A calming bedtime routine to avoid insomnia

My bedtime routine keeps improving as the years go by. My husband thinks it’s a little excessive and likes to make fun of me for it … if you ever meet him, you should ask him about it! He has a lot to say on the subject (and so do I). Haha !

Thinking it might help a lot of us, it couldn’t help myself but share my bedtime routine with you. When I follow every single step, it helps me sleep 8 to 10 hours per night! If you were to tell me that my nights are wayyyy too long, my answer would be that I LOVE to sleep! (But I guess I sleep a tiny bit too much.)

As you can see, my problem isn’t getting to sleep here, but having a deep sleep. As soon as I miss a step in this routine, I find myself dreaming about work, all night long … yes, all night, or suffering from insomnia. My brain must be in a state of complete rest to allow me to have a deep sleep and these little steps, as simple as they may seem, will help you reach a night of deep sleep.


It changed my life! Not kidding! Every night, an hour before going to bed, I turn off my phone and put it out of reach. I started this practice a little over two years ago and I see the difference in the evenings when I omit this practice. When I don’t turn off my phone, it seems like I can’t get to sleep when I usually go to bed. Really, it makes you disconnect, lose track and prepares you for rest.


My favourite! Besides being relaxing, it smells good! You can find out more about favourite blends here, but the ones I do most often before going to bed are lavender, peppermint and rosemary or lavender, lemon and eucalyptus. I even have a small spray bottle of essential oil that I bring on trips.


Every night! The warmth and sound of the water have a relaxing effect on me which allows me to get a deep sleep. Allow yourself a few minutes of relaxation in your shower; take deep breaths and clear your head. It’s kind of like an underwater meditation!


I’m at my 6th book since the beginning of the year, and it helps me so much to get to sleep that I don’t want to end this routine. What I like most is that you read at your own pace—it could be 1 page like it could be 35 pages—meaning that it’s different from a TV episode where the action stimulates your brain more than anything. Reading is such a calming activity! We must respect our rhythm and allow our body to relax according to its needs.

These are the little things that help me get a night of deep sleep or avoid insomnia. We must remember that before enjoying our meals, we choose the recipe, choose the food and we cook: we prepare our body for the next step. We must also allow our body to adapt before going to sleep for several hours, give it time to prepare itself for sleep, especially with all the distractions that are crowding our lives!

And what are your best ways to get to sleep?

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