3 tips for a successful job interview

At the beginning of this year, due to my move from Quebec to Vancouver I was looking for a job. Let say it was quite challenging knowing that I was still learning the language, the culture and that I knew absolutely nothing or no one in the fashion industry.

To tell you the truth, about 3 years ago, the boyfriend and I tried to make the move out West. It was a major fail… And 6 months later we moved back East. Anyways, that was a great life lesson #LiveAndLearn. So, this time around I made sure to learn from my mistakes #Lolzy.

So here are my 3 tips for a successful job interview.


Well… I sort of did. You know the girls that know too much about the company in a job interview, well that used to be me. I do believe it’s important to do research and to learn more about a company, but up to a certain extent. Be aware that learning anything by heart can do you more harm than good #Oops. I remember pushing my research so far. Sometimes, I was even able to find the interview questions online and prepare for it with the best answer possible #Ouff. Looking back, I know it was probably to the worst thing I could do for myself! But I wanted that job so badly that I was ready to do anything to make it happen. I probably looked more desperate than anything else #lol.


Three years ago, I probably seemed like this very shy little girl that smiles too much. Knowing that I am ESL also made me very uncomfortable and scared to not understand every single word. Through the years, I have developed many tricks to calm me down before an interview. Such as arriving early before an interview and walking around the neighborhood or taking a couple deep breaths or even just listening to your best tune in the car right before entering for your interview. Those little tricks will help you calm down and allow you to be more natural.


Looking back, even though I never got the job #lolzy I learned so much from my experience. To be honest you are probably shooting yourself in the foot by trying to please anybody during an interview. Plus, it’s probably not what they are looking for; a too pleasing little employee. I believe that what matters the most is to be yourself. Between you and me who really wants to work with this over smiling and shy laughing girl? Nobody #Ouch! Be yourself, laugh normally, make jokes when the time is right (if that’s who you are) and sincerely answer every question. But most of all don’t try to be somebody you’re not!

What are your best tips for a successful interview?

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